I have a lot of people ask me, ” What is transitional design style?“, when I explain to them I am doing transitional designs with my floorcloths. Transitional isn’t a defined style of design like art deco or shabby chic. It is all about your own personal style, and how you want to blend the old with the new. It is not a total makeover of your current decor, but rather keeping some of what you already have, and like, and then mixing it with new ideas to create a decor look that is totally unique to you. It is a green light for ultimate creativity. I found some good articles posted below that help define this new style so you can get your creative juices flowing.

Floorcloths can be defined as truly transitional because they originated hundreds of years ago, yet are finding their way back into this current transitional trend. They blend so effortlessly into almost any decor, and depending on the design, they can bring a room back to life. Transitional designs such as zigzags, stripes and more ethnic designs are just perfect for floorcloths. They continue, in my mind, to also have an edge over many area rugs because of their hypoallergenic, eco friendly and durable qualities.

Do not miss the videos below the articles with designer Yanic Simard. He gives a good explanation of two different styles, and then blends a classic, feminine style with a bolder, masculine style into one transitional look. This is a good “visual” understanding of transitional design style.

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Gone are the days of 1960’s space-age designs, 1970’s shag carpet, 1980’s pastel color schemes and 1990’s shabby chic. Today residential design is headed into what has been dubbed the “transitional” style. This style

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Transitional design is a blend of traditional and contemporary styles, incorporating lines that are less ornate than traditional designs, but not as severely basic as some contemporary designs. Transitional design is classic,

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Transitional Style is a term for mixing traditional flavors and contemporary looks. Traditional styles include all the styles handed down over generations such as Period or Old World Design using décor from various eras that

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Transitional Design & Decor is kind of new concept in design. It basically combines elements of old and new to create a classic, yet contemporary feel. Some people are drawn to this design without even realizing they are

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A reader wrote to me last week and asked me what a transitional Japanese style room might look like. This was an interesting question because it was very specific. Design styles are like that wall of candy bars you faced as a