About Giclées

Giclée (zhee-clay) is a French term, in this case meaning “spray of ink”. Creating a Giclée print requires the utmost care and attention on the part of the technician.  A digital camera is used, and the image is uploaded to the computer. The computer then relays the image to an ink jet printer. The printer produces the image by delivering a fine spray of ink, up to a million micro droplets per second. Each droplet is four times smaller than a human hair. The display of a full color spectrum allows for the portrayal of the finest detail and vibrancy of the artist’s original image and maximum resolution of color density. The Giclée is produced using the finest ultra-violet inks and coatings for generations to enjoy.

These fine art prints are offered in limited editions with each print hand-signed and numbered by the artist. Giclée prints have been shown in museums and galleries throughout the world. Studio Bliss is pleased to offer you museum quality Giclée prints from the original paintings by artist Annie Horkan. Annie’s luminous paintings reflect the light and vibrancy of pure color which are exquisitely captured in these fine art prints, available on either paper or canvas. The quality of the materials combined with our state of the art 8 color printing process will produce a Giclée fine art print for you that reflects the true essence of the artist’s original work.