My love for writing has been a latent desire. I recall often in school as a girl my English teachers telling me I had great ideas for my writing topics, but my literary expression and skills were in dire need of help. In other words, I was not a good writer. Needless today, I didn’t enjoy writing and in fact, for most of my life I dreaded having to write anything. My resistance to writing was further challenged by my Virgo mercurial mind entertaining too many thoughts too fast so that I could not slow it down long enough to stay focused.

The cure came in my forties when a friend recommended The Artist Way by Julia Cameron. A significant part of the process presented here to move stagnant creative energy was the dedication to writing three pages every morning. It did not matter what you wrote; you just had to do your morning pages diligently. I did my due diligence and my disdain for writing began to change. Over time, I grew to love writing.

The Nike slogan, “Just do it,” packs a lot of truth. Our conditioned beliefs are neatly tucked away in some corner of our mind, yet their influence remains pervasive. When we decide to just do it, we have to keep doing it until we override and silence these old beliefs that tell us we can’t do it. The more time I dedicated to writing, and the more I wrote, the easier it became. Then one day, the sweet moment arrived when words began to flow effortlessly with little thought. I recognized this feeling of flow as the same energy I often tapped into when painting. In fact, it is the same energy we all experience when our lives are going smoothly according to our desire. This energy is the natural creative flow of the Universe that springs from the creative source from which we and all life originated. It is our natural state of being, to be residing peacefully in this creative flow, always and in all ways. Here, we have tamed the mind to be the servant of the heart, and our feelings become our trusted guide to keep us effortlessly flowing downstream.

I came to the understanding that my resistance to writing, which kept me in a struggle against the upstream current, was the result of my incorrect perceptions. Once I allowed the words to flow from my feelings, I fell madly in love with writing. We are taught in our culture to value and trust the logic of the mind over the feelings of the heart. But the heart, being the first organ to develop in the womb, holds the higher wisdom. To follow our bliss is to follow our heart.

In 2007, I wrote my first book, Shells From The Mountain. It has sat on the shelf for eight years, but will be published soon as a result of publishing my second book first, The Life Of Tapa, in 2014. Coming soon, too, is a children’s book I created with my step-sister in 1985 called The Ghost Of Cleremont Farm. A new book is in the works and following that, my sights are set on the creation of an art book.

It is wonderful to dwell in the creative flow. While the trend to seek blissful enlightenment often leads to a guru, religion or spiritual path or practice, I sense what we may be seeking is already within us. We just need to turn our boat downstream and flow with creation. For this is who we truly are…creators. Once we reconnect to and ground into this creative flow, we can create anything. It is the source of humanity’s greatest strength which we will all need to tap into in the days ahead. For change is born out of chaos, and out of the chaos comes the courage for the creation of a brave new world.

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