Aqua oil on canvas, 14″x18″

The Moon Roses is a series of seven paintings inspired by the seven energy centers in the body known as the “chakras,” which in Sanskrit means wheel or circle. When the chakras are in balance, they are like beautiful flowers in full bloom. When they are out of balance, the petals of the blossom are drooping. I wanted to paint each of the chakras as a lovely rose since the rose is known to have the highest vibration of any flower. I used the full moon as a backdrop, not only to pop the color against the white of the moon, but to represent the energy of the chakras that spins in a circle. I used gold leaf for the stars. These Moon Roses are a gift to you, if meditated on visually, will help you balance and strengthen your chakras so you may always be in full bloom.

Anahata is the heart chakra, and it is the bridge between the lower and the upper chakras. It encompasses all matters of the heart and love, including the ability to integrate the duality of opposites. Rather than the projection of duality onto others, the heart chakra enables us to embrace the dual forces we encounter with compassion. We will experience deep love, unity, peace and joy when this chakra is healthy and in balance.


Original Painting

Giclee Prints