Anasazi Echoes

Acrylic on canvas, 24″x36″

Chaco Canyon is the most amazing Anasazi ruin in northwest New Mexico. This centralized pueblo was the thriving hub for thousands of Anasazis between 850 to 1250 A.D. The grand architecture of this pueblo, the complexity of the social and community life and extensive commerce exceeds anything ever seen before in the pueblos of the Southwest. Massive stone buildings, containing hundreds of rooms, were brilliantly constructed using small stones. Many of the structures known as “kivas” were built with a clear orientation to the four directions as well as to the sun and the moon, and are considered to have been sacred ceremonial dwellings. It is estimated that at one time over a hundred roads led in and out of Chaco extending throughout the entire San Juan basin. When you visit these remaining ruins, you can still hear the Anasazi echoes.


Featured painting in the New Mexico Millennium Collection.

Original Painting

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