Ghost Dancers Dream

Aqua oil on canvas, 36″x48″

I went with a girlfriend in summertime to camp on the land beneath Pedernal near Abiqiu. It was incredible. We slept out in the open under the stars, and had a small fire going when we went to sleep. I had a ghost dancers dream where the ghosts surrounded me. At one time there were two circles, one of all the women and one of all the men, and they would take turns moving towards and around me. As they did this, the ghost bodies of the women would pass right through the ghost bodies of the men, and I would capture these moments when they were one in their passing. The whole time this was happening, I kept hearing this noise of a bird flying around. I couldn’t tell if the bird was in my dream, or if I was really hearing the bird. Needless to say, I was bit altered after this experience. I am still digesting it.


Original Painting

Giclee Prints