Souls Journey

Aqua oil on canvas, 36″x48″

My boys and I went deep sea fishing while we were in Zihuatanejo, Mexico in 1994. Our captain was named Miguel, and his fishing boat was name Isis. We left the dock just before sunrise, and shortly after, witnessed the most beautiful sun rise above the ocean. I do not know what happened to me as I sat on the front of the boat watching the sun come up, but I experienced the most powerful connection with the sea. I felt as though I was the great Mother Ocean herself, embarking on a souls journey while calling to all the sea creatures.  Within minutes, the dolphins and sea turtles appeared along side the boat. Miguel set out the first line for my son James. All of a sudden the line pulled, and within minutes a huge sailfish leaped into the air. It was incredible. Within only two hours, the three of us had pulled in nine sailfish. Though I was not happy with the idea, my sons wanted to keep one each as a trophy. The other seven were released. Miguel got on the radio to let other fisherman know what we were catching. He told us no other boat was catching anything at all. He looked at me, and then said to my boys in Spanish, ” Tu madre tiene magia.” Your mother has magic, he told them. When we arrived at the dock, the two sailfish my sons caught were measured and weighed. It turned out that my son, Joshua, had caught the biggest sailfish of the year. It was indeed a memorable, magical adventure.


Original Painting

Giclee Prints