Our modern world is becoming increasingly dominated and penetrated by the artificial light that threatens our human capacity for communion with the Earth’s organic light. This false light reveals itself within our living environment, our food and water supply, our medicines, our social institutions, our working and entertainment arenas as well as within the souls of leaders and our own minds. The artificial light is a substitute for the real deal: the true organic light that radiates from the deep well of the Earth’s divine intelligence, and in which our true divinity is reflected and revealed. It is within our communion with this planetary natural light, and our direct experience with this intelligence, that we remember and restore the truth of who we are: a divinely created species designed to live in co-creative collaboration with the Earth’s wisdom. This is our protection from the domination of artificial intelligence that seeks to snuff out our divine spark, and substitute our sacred fire with the false light of transhumanism.

We no longer live in harmony with the rhythms and cycles of the natural light within our environment. Our cities and homes are electrified barriers to the wonders of the night sky while the surge of electromagnetic frequencies disrupt our well-being, and LED lights stress our cells and deplete our own energy. Our food supply is being genetically modified with artificial organisms and ingredients while the health of natural, clean water is being altered on the cellular level by chemicals that leave us toxic and dehydrated. Our pharmaceutical medicines are often more toxic and threatening than the illness we are trying to heal, while they drive disease deeper into the body interfering with the body’s innate ability to heal itself. Even the medicinal plants growing within the deep forests are now considered to be endangered species. Our social institutions promote false and controlled narratives about the truth of our origins while they hide artifacts and knowledge deep within institutions and museums. Our work places have become altars at which to worship daily the wonders of artificial intelligence, while our recreational time in which to restore our connection to nature’s organic light and the light of ourselves has been usurped by an addiction to a virtual, artificial reality. Our global leaders encourage these distractions while they covertly engage in power-grabs of greed, corruption and deception. And we the people are wittingly and unwittingly selling our souls down the river of mainstream media propaganda, and then wonder why our world and our minds are steeped in confusion and chaos? Are we paying attention to where this is all going, and who we will become under this influence and interference?

There appears to be an AI planetary takeover in the works from which no one can save us but ourselves. It is a long-term, fully exposed, planned agenda by the powers that be who have traded the truth of the divine, organic light for the lie of the false, artificial darkness. We the people must guard against this clever, slippery substitution designed to easily infect our minds and souls. Let us connect to the organic light and wisdom of a great tree that sends its roots deep into the ground wherein it receives earthly and cosmic energies by which to grow. The tree transmits this wisdom into its limbs, branches, leaves and fruit to become a spectacle of beauty and majesty. The tree has an innate intelligence to increase the flow of its sap and draw it upwards as a protection against storm damage and infection. The tree moves to the rhythms of natural cycles wherein it is not afraid to die back, rest, rejuvenate, and then return to its cycle of growth renewed by its restful time. The tree requires healthy soil, air, water and sunshine. We humans can learn from the tree how to ground ourselves in earthly and cosmic wisdom; how to trust in the inevitable evolution of our divine design; how to protect ourselves from negative, external influences by increasing the flow of our higher vibrations; how to move within the harmony of natural laws, rhythms and cycles; and how to grow as a tree of life within the organic light of favorable environments.

Our communion with the planet’s organic light and illumination is the golden path of our divine evolution. We must not underestimate the deception of the artificial light nor its power to usurp our divine dream. While artificial intelligence can never supersede divine wisdom, we humans can succumb to this illusion. The virtual reality of the artificial and substitute light will be no match for the true power of the Earth’s organic light that is waiting for our co-creative collaboration and communion.