Annie Horkan

The Legendary Wisdom Of Our Ancestors

Many wise souls have stated that we cannot understand the present without the truth and knowledge of the past. Our current times appear to be marked by chaotic and conflicted beliefs that not only indicate a lack of wisdom garnered from our past, but also colors everything we think we know in shades of doubt and uncertainty. The legendary wisdom of our ancestors is critical for us to possess if we are going to grasp our present circumstances, prevent history from repeating itself and become co-creators of a better future.

The current state of the world seems to be unraveling and tipping on the edge of crisis. There is, however, a global awakening to the level of corruption and deception that has been allowed to endure unchecked and uncorrected, and which presents us now with an unsustainable system on the verge of collapse. As history reveals, it will not be the first time for governance meltdown that has afflicted many empires and nations. While socialism and communism aspire to a more level playing field under tighter controls in lieu of following America’s lofty freedom, the insidious hierarchical system, that unconsciously and consciously rules everywhere, is like a recurring nightmare that won’t go away. We can potentially trace this contamination back to off-planet intereference upon our planet. We are not taught this in school; alien interference is forbidden knowledge. Rather, we have been limited to mankind’s slow and steady development along the evolutionary arc of progress wherein the hominid has been confirmed the sole presence upon the Earth. Yet, ancient myths and legends tell us that humanity’s evolution has been decisively marked by off-planet intervention while history reveals gigantic gaps in our human evolution. One day we are limited to building basic huts, and the next day we are using huge stones to build temples and design intricate pyramids.

The truth and knowledge of our ancestral past must be exposed if we are going to make sense of the present and steer our own destiny. Some mythic legends speak of past off-planet interference that includes genetic alterations, interbreeding and authoritative rulership with the introduction of government, religion, currency and advanced technologies. In short, the seeds of hierarchical systems of power and privilege by self-appointed ruling elites has its roots in our past, and continues to be the destructive weeds that are choking our potential for new growth and preventing our innate capacity to thrive. It is time for us to pull the weeds from the garden if we are going to not only prevent history from repeating itself, but also thwart a total planetary takeover.

History repeated will continue until the legendary wisdom of our ancestors is revealed: the good, the bad and the ugly. The good is that we now possess incredible advanced technologies that can be used for the benefit of all mankind and the restoration of our damaged planet. The bad is that these technologies are in the wrong hands and are being covertly used against our planet and humanity. The ugly is the predatory agenda, aka the New World Order, for complete transhuman control and domination within a planetary lock down. If you don’t believe this, you have homework you need to do.

Our ancestral mythic wisdom offers us a grander truth and knowledge for the natural order of the universe. The Gnostics, the Druids, the Native Americans and many indigenous people have long understood the depth and power of natural law embedded with the most sacred guiding principles by which to live and thrive. If we are going to learn anything from those who walked before us, we should consider this: all AI, artificial intelligence, is an inorganic substitute for the depth and breadth of the human spirit and the organic light of the natural world. It cannot, and will never ever, compare to nor touch our rapturous life experiences. We must never allow the falsity of an artificial intelligence to replace the organic wisdom embedded in the depth of every living cell: the wisdom that is a pure vibratory match for the creative source and force that holds an unimaginable dream for us. The AI and NWO agenda of domination and control is devoid of imaginative dreams; it is designed to be a transhumanism experiment upon Darth Vader’s Death Star where the dangerous imagination must die.

Natural law is the foundation for the creative force that governs and protects the universe and all life within it. If we want the force to be with us, then we must choose to refine our alignment with natural versus man made laws that are in constant violation of these higher guiding principles. Man made laws devoid of natural law wisdom are not laws that bring about order; they are laws for entrapment and deception. The mythic and legendary wisdom of our ancestors was rooted in the law and order of the natural world, and followed the sequence of the natural laws therein: the choice to love and respect all life as sacred opens the heart to the truth and knowledge by which to live as sovereign, free beings in co-creation with the natural order of the universe. Any deviation from this sequence is a violation of natural law that results in the confusion, enslavement and chaos that plagues humanity. It behooves us to learn that our past misuse and abuse of power and technology destroyed entire civilizations; and we are poised on the brink once again with history repeating. Our only viable choice is to embrace the legendary wisdom of our ancestors who chose to live in harmony with natural law as the guiding principles for the co-creation of a sustainable future, devoid of the corrupt authoritative control rooted in the forbidden knowledge of the past.

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