Living The True Trinity

Our world is in deep need of living the true trinity. The word trinity conjures up a mental association with religion, but the trinity of which I speak belongs to the universe. It is specifically the trinity of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun. This trinity is full of mystery with secrets and wisdom we have yet to fully know or understand. Yet, they have a story to tell, both separately and together, and we need to remember this story that we have seemingly forgotten. Our forgetting is not solely our fault, but has been overshadowed by an interference seeking to dominate and control via its limited powers of imitation and substitution. If we are to overcome its deception, a return to living the true trinity is essential.

The Trinity Story

The Sophianic narrative suggests that the sun, earth and moon are organically bound together to sustain our existence and evolution. Each plays their own unique part in the story. The Sun has mysterious cycles of waking and sleeping, and these cycles are the controller of weather upon the Earth. The Earth lives and breathes a divine feminine spirit, and she is the designer of all life upon our planet, especially humans, to whom she has gifted the power of imagination. The Moon shines light upon the darkness, and she is the influencer of our emotions, of the waters and of women. Together, they create a natural path for us to follow, and which leads us to being in right relations to all of life. This trinity reveals an order from which peace and beauty can flourish. Yet, mankind is busy creating disorder from which war and harm enslave us.

The Right Relation with Natural Law

There are natural laws at work in all life that are part of nature, and they are not always so obvious. The sun challenges us with cold winters, blistering hot summers and sudden storms. The moon makes coyotes howl, plants to take root, the waters and emotions to rise and women to bleed. The spirit of the Earth comes to us at night with rest and healing, then activates our dreams by day. The truth and principles of natural law are inherent to creation, and these are very different from the manmade laws that are steeped in mental constructs. Our dogmatic beliefs create stress, violence, wars and divide us. The dream the Earth wants to give us at night is one of love and knowledge, sovereignty and freedom, so that we can live these by day. But manmade laws are creating fear and ignorance, confusion and control, so that we fail to activate and live the dream we were given. It is through nature and her laws that we are able to sustain right relations with all life. When we see through the limitations of manmade laws, we can correct them to be in harmonious alignment with natural law.

The Trap of Institutionalism

Manmade laws have resulted in a world wherein everything now is institutionalized: from education and religion, science and medicine, economics and money, politics and government, agriculture and art, entertainment and media. A world of institutions rooted in dogmatic beliefs is vulnerable to corruption, and becomes a threat to the natural law principles wherein peace and beauty can thrive. It is a trap into enslavement and control.  When we can no longer freely speak, learn, explore, work, share, grow, heal and sing, we become prisoners of erroneous and deceptive mental constructs. We can preserve our sovereignty and freedom as we receive the Earth’s dreaming at night, and awake to creating our dreams with dignity. The natural laws embedded in the true trinity are our protection from the loss of dignity. Without our soulful, natural dignity, the dream is lost to fear, ignorance and confusion.

The Harm to Dignity

All life is born as divinely created beings, animals and plants. It means all life is sacred, and what is sacred is dignified. Dignity comes with being born, and its essence needs protection from the disorder of wayward and erroneous mentalities. The animals have amazing dignity. One can see it in their eyes, yet there are those who reject its dignity and conquer it. The forests are full of dignified trees that help us breathe and all life to grow, yet there are those who reject the dignity of trees and cut them all down. Our children’s impulses are dignified, yet there are those who reject this, abuse them and sell them down the river. There will be no way forward for humanity until we stop abusing the dignity of all life. We must own our dignity if we want to be able to see it in other living creatures. To harm another’s dignity is to harm not only oneself, but also she who gave us a dream of beauty and peace. She who dwells all around you, waiting for your connection to her, while the moon makes you cry and feel the sacred you have chosen to deny, and the sun calls you to act on what you know deep down is true. This is the cosmic dance of the true trinity.

Walk with The Universe

To walk with the Earth is to walk with the Universe. For we originated in the galaxy, seeded and planted where we are in this distant limb. We have an artificial intruder that has been with us since the beginning, and its end game is to steal our divine dignity, disrupt our right relations, drown us with institutional control and deceive us about the true trinity. A correction is upon us to expose this pretender, but we must do our part to awaken to what is true. Embrace the divine planetary Mother, she who makes you dream, the moon that makes you dance and the sun that makes you sing. For this true trinity can save us from drowning. So walk with the Universe as the living true trinity of the Moon, the Earth and the Sun. It is the Earth’s divine planetary intelligence, working in concert with the Moon and the Sun, that creates the real matrix rooted in nature. Together, they are correcting our consciousness, and assisting our growth and enlightenment in order to overcome the deceptive interference, once and for all.

Living The True Trinity
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