Mother Earth’s Climate Correction

The topic of climate change has been at the forefront of global conversation and concern for many decades. Mother Earth’s climate correction is now clearly underway, and we can no longer deny the truth about climate from the lies being propagated. The recorded climate data for the last four hundred years reveals cyclical climate patterns of warming and cooling, which provides us with the facts to understand our changing climate. It is seriously unfortunate that the Earth’s inhabitants have been deceived by the erroneous dogma suggesting that close to 8 billion people are responsible for our changing climate. While we are unquestionably guilty of polluting and exploiting out planet, we do not possess the power upon this small planet to control climate compared to our monstrous sun that is the assigned climate dictator. One only has to follow the money to realize the global warming hoax that now threatens our vital preparations as we descend into global cooling.

We have left the solar maximum cycle and have entered a grand solar minimum. Our solar maximum period did not record the warmest temperatures ever upon our planet, as both the pre-industrialized Medieval and Roman eras exceeded our warmest days. Without the understanding of the natural cycles that result in glacial and inter-glacial periods, we cannot grasp the relationship between the Earth and the sun that command the climate. Climate cycles are a challenge to determine because the planet has her own cycles in the same way that the sun has its more active and less active cycles; and these independent cycles are further complicated by the interrelationship of the Earth and the sun. One of these cycles, known as the Milankovitch cycles, involves three determining factors:

• The long Elliptical cycle in which the elongated orbit of the Earth results in less time closer to the sun
• The axial tilt, or Obliquity cycle, in which the varying degrees of the Earth’s tilt is either towards or away from the sun
• The Precession, or wobble, cycle determined by the 26,000 year Precession of the Equinoxes in which the Earth’s axial wobble results in more time closer to the sun, known as perihelion, or more time away from the sun, called aphelion

Our earth and sun intimately dance together in natural cycles that are beyond interference by mankind. The one fact to comprehend in order to ensure our survival is that the natural cycles are marked by brief warm periods followed by much longer periods of cooling. It is precisely this knowledge that has been distorted and hidden from us in the name of man made global warming as it perpetuates a false future of melting glaciers, rising oceans, record heat and the burning up of our planet. The statement made by Al Gore that our children and grandchildren would never know snow is a criminal proclamation at best. While our global warming era has now come to an end, our descent into global cooling will be marked by extreme heat and cold simultaneously, as well as by catastrophic earth changes.

The Mother Earth’s natural cycles serve a purpose, and her climatic correction will undoubtedly set the falsified record straight. All of the brief warmer periods upon our planet witnessed the rise of mighty civilizations that fell and ended upon their descent into the cold climate: the Romans, the Greeks, the Vikings, the Mayans, Chinese dynasties and more. Will we be next? We will be if we do not realize with real eyes the real lies we have been told, and begin to adapt and prepare for the coming cold. The level of our sustainability will be challenged: how will we handle only a 3-day food supply on the shelves in every town and city across the country?

The Mother Earth’s climate correction is designed to cleanse and purge the planet of all our man made toxins and pollutants, and to clean and purify our minds, bodies and souls from all the lies and corruption. It is her return to her rightful place as our true source and life force. Modern man’s complacency to be ruled by deception and the substitution of AI technologies will meet its match as the cold descends and threatens the comforts of our modern lifestyles. Yet, the Mother Earth’s climate correction is not to scare us, but to empower us and restore our sovereign brilliance for survival in collaboration with her wisdom. Her correction involves using the climate to heal all that has gone wrong, and to grant us yet another opportunity to get it right. Mother Earth’s climate correction is a chance for humanity to find sacred redemption, and to start anew.

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