The Planetary Design To Bloom Where We Are Planted

Few of us can deny that the wonder and beauty of the natural world have been imbued with a planetary intelligence designed for us to bloom where we are planted. Yet, we are evermore discovering the fragility of this design by which it sustains balance and harmony. We cannot bloom where we are planted if we are poisoning our soils and our environment with chemical toxins; if we are overdosing on a plethora of unhealthy foods and pharmaceutical drugs; if we are crowded into cities dependent upon only a 3-day supply of food; if we are abusing the animals with whom we share this planet; and if we are subjugating ourselves to a constant bombardment of unnatural and unhealthy electromagnetic frequencies. While we are all now thoroughly entrenched in both the advantages and disadvantages of the technological age, the planetary design was intended for us to cooperate with nature’s wisdom in order to bloom where we are planted. We can no longer afford to speed down the dubious highway of technology while leaving our vital connection to Mother Earth in the dust.

It should come as no surprise, to those doing their own research and thinking for themselves, that the Age of Technology is moving in sync with the Age of Deception. Alternative energies abound, yet we remain paying prisoners to the greedy oil, gas and electric companies. Alternative medicines and treatments abound, yet we remain the victims of Big Pharma and barbaric radiation as an assumed healing treatment. Alternative ways of living and being, such as living off the grid, consulting a holistic doctor, growing front yard gardens and challenging the mainstream news narratives, are all under attack. More than eighty dead naturopath doctors in the last few years should be setting off your alarm bell in a big way. We are in a battle, not just to bloom, but to survive.

By far the most insidious and dangerous technological roll out descending upon us now is the implementation of 5G towers and devices being scattered like seeds into every available corner of our planet. If you think that 5G is simply going to be a progressive update to the past 2G, 3G and 4G technologies, you seriously need to think again. These technologies are dangerous because their impacts and effects upon people, animals and the environment are completely hidden. The rapid increases over the last forty years in brain tumors, eye problems, nervous system and autoimmune disorders along with every type of disease are being attributed to the human body’s internal failure with no association to this bombardment of increased technological frequencies pervading our daily living environments. Your daily assault dose is coming from your Smart phone, Smart meter, Smart TV, Smart appliances, alarm systems, computer screens, iPads, laptops, Kindles, every digital product, cell phone towers and devices placed on every street corner and in every airport. Bird flocks are falling dead from the sky, but this is attributed to everything else but frequencies. Warning: the 5G roll out is not an update, but a newly contrived energy wave form that will disrupt and alter your DNA cellular structure at the mitochondria level, and bring you to your knees. There will be no way to bloom where you are planted. The more likely scenario is that you will fall sick and even die where you are planted. Sorry for the doom and gloom, but these are facts; and facts provide evidence for what is true.

The planetary design to bloom where you are planted demands that we each assess all the hidden dangers of where we are planted. Are you living in a condo or apartment building with a cell tower, multiple Smart meters, Wi-Fi routers, computers and cell phones all running 24/7 at full capacity? Are you living and working in the city wherein there is virtually no escape from the onslaught of EMFs? Even if you are living in the country, do you have a Smart meter, Smart appliances, Wi-Fi routers, alarm systems or a cell tower nearby? Each of us must determine the EMF threat to where we are living, and do our best to limit exposure before 5G rolls out; as then, it will be too late.

To bloom where we are planted is to be the master of our own destiny. We can choose to live elsewhere, within a safer environment that provides the ample sunshine, water, clean air and nutrients we need to bloom. We are not only being challenged by unhealthy frequencies here on our planet, but our current descent into a solar minimum cycle also makes us vulnerable to incoming space energies. While our sleeping sun will have fewer sunspots, any Earth facing sunspots or coronal holes have the potential to eject energies strong enough to threaten our fragile electric grid. The USA electric grid has not been hardened as it has been is some other countries, so we are poorly equipped to deal with any long-term loss of electricity. Ironically, such a fateful event might be a blessing in disguise: the termination of the destructive 5G frequencies. Most people will be at a total loss without electric conveniences, internet and cell phone service, and hard times would no doubt ensue. Yet, it may well be the critical wake up call we need to remember that Mother Earth is the one in charge. We may have no choice but to return to the garden, become more self-sufficient and reevaluate the unsustainable path we thought could never end.

Our wise, sentient Earth designed us to bloom in balanced and harmonic cooperation with her planetary design. The imposed, deceptive deviation from her design will be our demise unless we choose to bloom wherever we are planted. To bloom is to own our sovereign freedom by which to create and dream the world in which we want to live; and to recognize our wise Earth as the source and life force of our divine design. If we choose to bloom in sync with our planet’s dream, we will collectively shift the earthly and cosmic energies in our favor, whereupon technology can be used to heal us, not destroy us. The planetary design for us to bloom where we are planted is humanity’s true narrative. We are responsible as the Earth’s inhabitants to bloom, and to uphold our divine design and her sacred story. No amount of technology can ever usurp her divine dream, but we can fail to bloom within it.


For more information on the dangers of 5G technology, follow the work of Max Igan and Dr. Jack Kruse.

For more information on the coming cold and the solar minimum, subscribe to Adapt 2030 and the Oppenheimer Ranch Project on YouTube.

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