Annie Horkan

Sacred Feminine Redemption

The long reign of patriarchal domination and control upon our planet feels like a revolving movie script for which a redemptive ending remains blowing in the wind. Mankind has charged forward along the industrial, military and technological highway with little reverence for nature’s wisdom, gaping inequalities and the loss of our sovereign freedoms. We are becoming numb to the strewn artifacts of our co-destruction when these signals should be motivating us to restore our true nature as co-creators living in harmony with the natural world. The false light authority of patriarchal power and greed is a wayward path devoid of the feminine spirit by which the truth and knowledge of the organic light is revealed. True harmony upon the Earth is not possible without this revelation: an illumination for the divine flow of creation that requires sacred feminine redemption.

The Natural Law of Gender affirms the opposition between male and female energies necessary to create and sustain balance. The masculine force is the true carrier of the organic light by which the dark mysteries of this light held by the feminine force can be revealed and manifested. These are the mysteries that infuse all life with sacred understanding by which sacred union becomes possible. The loss of a sacred perspective within our world is the manifestation of chaos, separation, depravity and aggression. Sacred feminine redemption is our healing medicine by which to restore, beauty, union, nourishment and peace.

The continual manifestation of chaos robs the world and its people of the beauty and order needed for our divine evolutionary progress. We are not planted on this Earth as star seeds to destroy the beauty of the natural world, but to harmonize with nature’s wisdom by which to create more beauty. For beauty is health food for our souls. Nature’s beauty reflects a perfection of order in the universe governed by guiding principles with which we must align to maintain beauty and order upon our earthly terrain.

The sacred feminine is inclusive, not exclusive. Her spirit infuses all sentient life by which we can feel our interconnection to the plants, animals, oceans and stars. The patriarchal mental exclusion of the feminine spirit bound within the Earth, the natural world and women disrupts our correct emotional responses and perpetuates separation. We are designed to feel our way into the all-inclusive state of sacred union, and our sensory failure of the Earth’s wisdom and light will maintain our cosmic isolation.

Our co-creative choice to love is our willingness to be nourished by the loving kindness of the feminine spirit. Our fearful world is fueled by the lack of reverence for all that is sacred, and leaves us deprived of divine nourishment. The divine mind rules all of creation wherein our communion with this divinity deeply feeds our spirits with sacred understanding. This cosmic communion and connection inspires us to breathe spiritual nutrients into the mundane world of matter.

The foundational principle at the heart of natural law is to cause no harm. The harm we have caused to our planet and all her inhabitants reflects our ignorance of the very laws crafted within creation for our successful guidance. We have become master co-destroyers rather than masterful co-creators due to our immorally incorrect choice to sustain the negative expressions of natural law rather than the morally correct positive expressions. Our mistaken beliefs ignite the false light of masculine aggression and suppress the feminine harmony of non-aggression. So long as we choose to entertain aggressive thoughts, words, feelings and actions to cause harm, the wisdom and blessings of harmonic resonance will escape us. We must commit our sacred understanding to cause no harm whereby sacred feminine redemption will be our saving grace for our evolutionary attainment of sacred union with the divine and all sentient life.

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