The Art Of Divine Intelligence Over The Imitation of AI
divine intelligence

We are living in a brave new world of technocracy that is using artificial intelligence (AI) for an attempted coup to overthrow and dominate humanity’s innate gift of divine intelligence. While mankind is no stranger to the presence of enemies, wars and coups that threaten our way of life, AI now presents us with the most deceptive attack upon the very nature of our being. The technocratic elites claim that the human mind is hackable. We stand at the Fourth Turning crossroad whereby our choice to refine and utilize our divine intelligence is critical to prevent a full blown AI takeover.

All art is born from the gifts of divine intelligence: intention, imagination, reason and revelation.* All creation begins with the intent to create, fueled by the imagination that influences our conceptual reasoning and blooms into revelation. Reason devoid of the imagination cannot produce revelation, and we need revelation to grow, evolve and expand. The great Renaissance periods of history in which the arts and humanities flourished were marked by mankind’s ability to fuse reason and imagination, and thereby produce revelatory creations never before seen or known. Reason comes rather naturally to us as we mentally and conceptually frame our life experience, but the divine spark of imagination needs more cultivation and care to be realized. Whatever we can imagine, we can create.

These attributes of our divine intelligence are sacred and fragile. The human mind is malleable and vulnerable to erroneous reason, and in many ways our imagination offers protection from these mental errors. We can see clearly in today’s world that humanity’s reasoning powers are steering us into error: right is wrong, wrong is right, truth is lies, lies are truth, up is down, down is up. Our way out from this mass of confusion and psychosis is not to escape into narcissistic pretending and fantasy, but rather a deep dive into the erroneous perceptions occurring within our own minds. We will never reason our way out of this mess without invoking our imaginative powers, which reveal how we succumb to deception by way of our own enslaved mentality. True imagination sets us free, to dream a new dream, in which we align with divine intelligence and leave behind our mistaken mentalities.

This dubious new world of AI is both exciting and deeply troubling. The world wide web has connected us all together, for better or for worse. We know the power of this global connection by the fervent manner of those who play god to censor and control our free voices. While we the people enjoy our more connected world, the self-appointed elites have long planned a more sinister AI agenda. We are at the brink of a fatal choice to trade our divine intelligence for the falsity of artificial intelligence.

AI is no match for the divine. Its powers are solely limited to substitution and imitation, and it can never create, only mimic. These mimicries can be quite spectacular, their imitations very convincing and their substitutions extremely deceptive. The human mind is absorbing AI clutter and its fake news; while the fake gods prepare their AI world of tracking, tracing, endless plandemics and shots, dining on bugs, digital everything with the finality of owning nothing, yet being told to be happy. This is complete insanity, yet beware, your mind and the minds of your children are being groomed to willingly abide in this artificial world of transhumanism.

Art is healing. It requires an ever-ready state for inspiration, beauty that takes your breath away and triggers the imagination to do its divine thing. Ask yourself how you feel after a full day enslaved at the AI altar, as opposed to a splendid day at the beach soaking up the warm sunshine, swimming with sea turtles, riding the waves, picnicking with family and friends, reading a good book in the shade, finding shells, feeling rejuvenated and inspired. In doing the things that make us feel most alive, we reconnect to our divine intelligence. Our reasoning faculties infused with the divine gift of the imagination result in true power and mystery. Everything is an art that we can master, lest we erroneously make AI our master.

Our divine intelligence holds all the keys to unlocking the source of creation and our innate ability to create, Why would we trade this wonder for a mere imitation? The tree of life has been carved into our minds, into our genes, and the beautiful blossoms of our fruit are inevitable. But we must nourish and care for this tree, and especially guard it from contamination. We are intimately tied to Mother nature. Through her we can reclaim our divinity over an AI substitution, and steer our world into the best future we can imagine.


* I give full credit here to my dear friend, John Lamb Lash, for introducing me to my own divine intelligence and for his deep work on this topic, which can be found in his new 15th anniversary edition book entitled “Not In His Image:Gnostic Vision, Sacred Ecology and the Future of Belief.”

His book does not disappoint. It changed my life, forever.

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