Traveling The Multidimensional Highway

While most of us earthlings would be quick to affirm all the many ways in which communication technology has advanced our world, few may be willing to acknowledge how our new addiction is simultaneously interfering with our capacity for traveling the multidimensional highway. Our new propensity for communicating with every corner of the globe in which world news is now instantaneous via our addictive tethering to artificial intelligence round the clock, comes with both good and bad news. The good news is our new-found compassion and awareness for our fellow man’s life experiences holds the potential for a mutually supportive and unified mindset with which to solve the world’s problems. The bad news is the tendency for these advanced technologies to be used for increasing domination and control within the wrong hands, and our willingness to sacrifice our innate human qualities bound within natural law for a transhuman existence trapped within an artificial matrix. This is not a good trade. Our challenge then is to steer our evolution along the ever-present and immutable multidimensional highway whereupon our advanced technologies not only support this incredible journey, but also assure our final destination as highly evolved and loving human beings, not hijacked transhumans. Our travels require the healing of our addiction through our harmonious alignment with the truth and knowledge of natural law that governs all the earthly and cosmic dimensions waiting to be explored. Our technological obsessions must be balanced with our attainment of earthly and cosmic wisdom.

Our third dimensional experience here on planet Earth is full of trials and tribulations. This 3D realm is challenging due to its governance by our mental preoccupation with linear time/space, and the subsequent emotions and feelings that arise from these limitations. We are confronted daily with massive information overload while engaged in ongoing info wars and endless battles of belief on both the personal and collective levels. The chosen tool by those who seek to dominate humanity is the use of mind control via our current communication and other covert technologies. Our failure to recognize and overcome these mind control manipulations is thwarting our collective shift into a much needed unity consciousness by which to evolve into a more loving dimension. Let us explore each of these nine dimensions along the multidimensional highway that offer us a long-awaited taste of divine communion and bliss. I want to thank Barbara Hand Clow for her book, Alchemy Of The Nine Dimensions, that offers an amazing dimensional education. I have read it at least four times!

First Dimension

An iron core crystal lies deep within our spinning Earth where it radiates electromagnetic frequencies up through 2D, and into our 3D reality where these vibrations are further accelerated by the constant streaming flow of cosmic forces. All matter and form is created by these spiral frequencies that spin all the way from the first dimension up to the ninth dimension at the heart of the galactic core in our Milky Way. All life on Earth is designed to be both a receiver and transmitter of these flowing cosmic vibrations, and thus we are vibrational beings with a synergistic connection to the frequencies of all the dimensions. When our connection to the planetary pulse is disturbed or lost, we not only become confused and ungrounded, but we also become untethered from the potent gravitational forces that keep us grounded and healthy. The Earth receives cosmic wisdom that she imparts to us humans in our sleeping state, and if we choose to be open to this reception, our daily waking lives will drastically improve. Mother Earth is the grounding rock for our natural growth. We would be wise to maintain our tethered addiction to her rather than to cyberspace.

Second Dimension

The realm of 2D fills the space between the Earth’s core and her crusted mantle. It is an active dimension belonging to plants and animals, rocks and gems, soils and nature spirits, volcanoes and earthquakes and the water and energy pathways that carry the planetary intelligence across the globe as it directs our 3D ecological design and diversity. For centuries, many forces have been at work to diminish our vital connection to nature, the natural world and natural law by way of fear. Our fear of the dark invisible realms beneath our feet perpetuates our enslavement, not our freedom to live in harmony with the natural realms. Not only do we need to cooperate with the nature spirits for mutual support in maintaining balance and order on the planet, but our symbiosis with the hidden realms of 2D is responsible for our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well being. Our deepest knowing comes from our sacred understanding of and relationship to 2D wherein our continuous raping and exploiting of natural resources and habitats is proving to have dire consequences. As we disrupt the balance and harmony of 2D, we disrupt the very forces that support our own harmonious alignment with the laws of creation. Thus, what we do to the natural environment, we do to ourselves.

Third and Fourth Dimensions

The 3D realm is governed by linear time/space in close proximity to the beginning of the non-physical and more subtle realms of 4D to 9D. We are predominantly connected to one another by our feelings in 3D while the shift into 4D is marked by the collective hive mind. Feeling our feelings is key in 3D! Our obsession with the past or the future can keep us from being present with our feelings in the now; and our feelings are the vital barometer for both the range of our vibratory frequencies and also for the quality of our life experiences. A long history of trauma and suffering upon our planet has left most of us with emotional wounds whose repressed and reactive shadows are in need of healing. We become especially vulnerable to the mythic and archetypal 4D influences when we are wounded and operating at the lower vibrations, and such influences tend to divide the collective mind into polarized light and dark stories. The collective shift needed for unity consciousness requires our personal healing of feelings in order to become sovereign co-creators, and steer our destiny towards a unified planetary myth by which to expose and overcome the dark forces that seek to prevent our travels along the multidimensional highway.

Fifth Dimension

If we collectively take care to filter all the incoming 4D erroneous beliefs that are being intentionally fed to us as mind control propaganda, the 5D realm of love and harmony with our Mother Earth and all her creatures will welcome us into a new reality. It is time to think for ourselves! Our shift into 5D is our return to the loving vibration that governs the universe; and it is a return we must earn by choosing love at the root of natural law versus fear at the root of all man made enslavement. Our choice to love and cause no harm will open the doors to the truth and knowledge bound within the laws of creation wherein the power of our sovereign freedom will not only assure the restoration of peace and order upon our planet, but also the reunion with those who walked before us in 3D and our cosmic family.

Sixth, Seventh, Eighth and Ninth Dimensions

The nature of these higher four realms can only be explained through spiritual science and known through experience. The realm of 6D belongs to sacred geometry that becomes highly activated when we are in a loving state. Sacred geometric ruins scatter our planet leaving evidence of ancient civilizations who understood this higher order and structure. The sacred geometrical calculations of 6D are embedded in 3D vibrations so we already have vibratory knowledge that we can experience both personally and especially within the morphic fields of collective resonance. Incredibly, it is the 7D realm of cosmic light and sound that brings forth the 6D sacred geometry via vibratory intonation. We can create whole worlds of beauty and healing with the sound of music! The 8D realm of pure, experiential, organic light represents the divine mind that is the source behind sound and music. Our true reflection is this light that grants us our highest vibrational expression, and which carries us home to the 9D cosmic heart of the Milky Way. Time is speeding up drastically now for our cosmic journey along the spiral highway wherein all the dimensions will blend into one magnificent, multidimensional experience as we leave the trauma, suffering, enslavement and chaos of the past behind. As above, so below. It is the choice to take the trip of a lifetime along the multidimensional highway.

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