Annie Horkan

The Truth About Our Cosmic Connection

We live upon a beautiful blue star that radiates the pulse of light and life out into the cosmos as it swirls and spirals in a lone dance at the edge of our galaxy within the vast darkness of space. There is a whole world awaiting us beyond our earthly existence if we could tune our spiritual dials to the channel of infinite consciousness, and feel our way into the cosmic dimensions. We marvel at the remnants of ancient temples and ruins scattered across our planet revealing cosmic alignments that stir our wondering as to what our ancestors knew that we have seemingly forgotten. We forget that our modern obsession with eyes to the skies in search of cosmic wisdom begins with the ground beneath our feet. For the earth is steeped in cosmic forces with which we must first harmoniously align before we can understand how to receive and transmit the frequency signals of earthly and cosmic mysteries. The truth about our cosmic connection is embedded within our harmonic resonance with the natural world that mirrors to us the truth and knowledge of the natural laws governing all of creation.

All living things are emanations of the creative source and force within the universe. The human species is a radiant outpouring of divine emanation imbued with the divine spark of intelligence and the gift of imagination. We are designed to be co-creators of whatever we can imagine, and we must protect our co-creative design from the polarized opposition of co-destruction that denies the divine reverence for life. Mankind is the caretaker of this fragile, life-giving star whose earthly fragrance beckons us to know her ways, that we might find the meaning of the eternal truth vibrating within our living planet and throughout the cosmos.

We live in a holographic and vibratory universe wherein our harmony with the universe manifests the harmony within our being. Our every thought, word, feeling and action resonates out beyond the planet into the spiraling cosmic vortex whereby a matching frequency is returned to us. If it is harmony we desire within our souls and upon our planet, then it is harmony we must transmit into our vibratory universe. We are electric beings, and the strength of our signals is determined by the amount of light we transmit. Fear diminishes our electricity while love lights our fire. Our lack of love and reverence for the natural world blocks our awareness of nature’s organic light that is fueled by cosmic forces. Thus, our separation from nature maintains our lower vibrations within the darkness. Our cosmic connection is rooted in the higher vibrations of light creation, and we cannot live in harmony with nature if we are not conscious of her light. The holographic nature of the universe states that what is above is below; what is within is without. The stability of life upon the Earth depends upon the stability of the cosmos above; the harmony within the external world is dependent upon the harmony within our internal domain. Our capacity to receive cosmic blessings is born from our harmonious connection to the Earth’s cosmic wisdom that she imparts to us when we are sleeping; a wisdom with which we can align in our conscious waking state and use to pollinate the material world.

We humans cannot trek through our earthly existence unconsciously addicted to our material and technological distractions, and then wonder why the world sustains a chaotic and turbulent atmosphere. Our evolutionary path belongs to the many dimensions beyond the limited lens of our third dimensional time and space reality. The multidimensional highway leads to the infinite potential of eternity beyond the finite potential of our mortality. Cosmic wisdom is an eternal spiral with no beginning and no end. The truth of our cosmic connection is streaming all around us within the eternal flow of creation, waiting for us to enter the ease of this flow whereby our connection to the cosmos can be revealed and lived. Our bodies belong to the Earth, but our spirits belong to the cosmos. We are stardust in form with eternal spirits of light. Nature is our teacher by which to infuse ourselves with the earthly and cosmic wisdom we desperately need to heal our suffering soils and souls. Our cosmic connection is a cosmic invitation waiting to be received by the Earth’s inhabitants upon our co-creative choice to become loving beings; and send this frequency of love into the universe whereby the cosmos will welcome us into the galactic family of light.

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