Annie Horkan

Waiting For Our Cosmic Invitation

Gazing up at the star-studded night sky when the Milky Way shines in full bloom is enough to draw anyone into the mystery. We all tend to wonder what is really out there beyond the visible; and yet deep down, our gift of intuition tells us that there has to be life flourishing within the invisible. We are all waiting for our cosmic invitation with which to participate in this great galactic party.

It is, however, an invitation that we must potentially earn. It is doubtful that our peaceful and friendly galactic neighbors are interested in extending a cosmic invitation to the Earth’s inhabitants so long as we display a propensity for war, killing, violence, corruption and deception. Our fast track for the acquisition of more advanced technologies may well be our demise if we fail to balance our scientific progress with our spiritual evolution. Rudolf Steiner coined the term “spiritual science” as the means for humanity’s future welfare and salvation. The meeting between the spiritual and science requires the expansion of our vision beyond the limitations of our 3D lens into the higher dimensional realms; into the mysterious “field” wherein morphic resonance innately operates with vibratory wisdom. Scientists are challenged to mathematically calculate the frequencies being found at the sub-atomic level of everything. Yet the sheer presence of these vibrations confirms that everything is energy, and energy appears to be influenced by the frequency of consciousness.

Mankind’s evolutionary arc reveals where we are along our evolving path, and we have come a long way in a short amount of time. In fact, our consciousness progressed exponentially between 1987 and 2012. I surmise that we can thank the technology of the world wide web for this quantum leap. We are poised at a critical crossroad where the old stories belonging to lower consciousness vibrations are crumbling beneath the emergence of higher consciousness frequencies. While this is good news that brings us ever closer to our awaited cosmic invitation, change invokes the remnants of our fear consciousness which inevitably results in confusion and chaos. The ultimate arrival of our cosmic invitation will depend upon how well we can maintain our raised consciousness of love over fear, in spite of what we see happening in the world around us. The shift we are now experiencing within the collective consciousness is going to be matched by a dimensional planetary shift. Our planet is changing as we change, and this can feel very unsettling. It will help us to place our trust in the Earth’s cosmic, divine and sentient wisdom, and with which we can vibrationally align to become co-creators of the new Earth.

As we await our cosmic invitation, let us not trade our eyes peeled to the skies for our heart’s courage to care for the ground beneath our feet. Our capacity to earn our invite to the cosmos reflects our ability to become a healing planet of love. The global powers bent on divide and conquer must be met with the full force of our power to reconcile our unity in diversity rather than to remain dualistically fixed in the old story of separation. Our movement into the new story is marked by the wise voices of our cosmic neighbors speaking through the old souls currently living upon our planet. While cosmic law prevents direct intervention with humanity’s destiny at this juncture, we are unquestionably receiving encouragement and support as we choose to live at the higher dimensional frequencies. Our cosmic invitation waits upon the iridescent wings of those who have already metamorphosed into beings of light and love, and who will joyfully extend this invitation to us when we, too, find our wings.

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