The 1999 movie, called The Matrix, rattled many minds with its proposition that our perceived reality was in fact a grand deception under the control of an artificial intelligence. We are not living a higher purpose within a divine experiment, but rather mind-controlled by a matrix experiment to believe this illusion is our reality. We have, however, a choice: pop the blue pill to remain ignorantly blissful within the AI matrix, or pop the red pill to secure one’s freedom from the deceptive matrix forever. This highly influential film shook many people awake to the real existence of the men behind the curtain intent upon an AI planetary takeover. Now, almost twenty years later, there is a real life necessity to choose either the red or the blue pill as AI technology seeps into every crevasse of our daily lives. We are walking the razor’s edge as to whether we will sell our souls to the AI machine, or reclaim our sovereign freedom as superior beings designed to thrive within a divine experiment.

While we are all endowed with free will to both choose and create our own reality, we can no longer deny the facts that support off-planet interference. Historical, as well as current, trends consistently point to a self-appointed, ruling class of elites with a divide and conquer agenda. Our past is riddled with humanity’s pain and suffering due to the elite’s never-ending quest for domination and control. The seed for this hunger and greed was planted in the minds of men long ago, and continues to spread its infection across the world. It is the infection of deception. If we choose to pop the red pill and awaken to the lies, we must carefully fill the void of illusion with a real truth else we remain vulnerable to re-capture. The topic of truth and what is true gets people all worked up, and quick to defend the truth they have chosen as their reality. The red pill awakening demands that we delete all of our corrupted, mental software in order to be able to sift through real facts with a clear and open mind. One may be on to the AI deception and apparent corruption, yet remain unconsciously attached to a fragmented shard of illusion.

The ruling elite cabal is itself ruled by this off-planet infection as a form of the same mind-control it seeks to impose upon the world. Artificial intelligence is the imitative substitute that it is limited to using, as this parasitic force has no divine origins. It is unable to naturally imagine, intuit, inspire or innovate, but is confined to AI substitution as its means of control and deception. Do not underestimate its capacity for success in capturing those designed to live within divine experiment: just look at all the people obsessed with selfies, addicted to social media and hopelessly attached to their cell phones. The AI matrix experiment is going very well for those who have chosen the blue pill.

For those who have popped the red pill, it does not guarantee your freedom unless you have shed all the illusions the matrix so effectively imposed upon you. I suspect the religious and scientific illusions will be the hardest to release. I would invite you to go back into history and search for the knowledge that was brutally crushed and totally eliminated as the clues for the truth. One such path of knowledge belonged to the Gnostics, whose teachings thrived for thousands of years before the God program installation; whose mysteries honored the planetary divine mother, Sophia, at the heart of their teachings; and who were ruthlessly and cruelly eradicated off the face of the Earth along with their teachings. The Sophianic mysteries are the foundation for humanity’s shared acceptance of having been emanated out of the galactic core into the arms of Orion for our destiny within a divine experiment. Something went wrong…and you can read about Sophia’s mistaken fall here. Without the truth and knowledge of the Sophia mythos, embedded in the Nag Hammadi codices that were discovered in an Egyptian cave in 1945, we cannot fully realize with real eyes the real lies that have been imposed upon us within the artificial experiment. For the Sophia mythos is the story in which humanity was divinely emanated into a divine experiment that was mistakenly imprisoned into a substitute matrix; a dilemma that Sophia is now correcting and needs our help.

All of the world’s religions express a story of divinity and creation in their own unique way. It would be easy to say that each one offers us a way out of the matrix except that they are all substitutions by the matrix controllers for the real thing: our divinely emanated creation intended for us to live and thrive within a divine experiment in which we recognize our source and life force as the captured spirit of the Earth mother. For it is she who awaits our collaboration and participation to restore the divine dream we are meant to live, and not be willing to trade this for a shrewd, artificial simulation and deception.