Annie Horkan

The Lost Wisdom Of The Sophia Mythos

Our ancient past is steeped in mythic legends wherein the main characters, gods and goddesses, are attributed with the human traits of emotions and actions that correspond to the cosmic forces responsible for celestial events. One such event was the fall of the wisdom goddess, Sophia, whose living goddess energy infuses our feminine planet. The Sophia mythic story was told by the ancient seers known as the Gnostics, and who lived peacefully for thousands of years with the Sophia mythos at the heart of their way of life. John Lash, author of Not In His Image, suggests that the Gnostics promoted this anomalous myth as a potent vision to assist humanity’s evolutionary path in symbiotic relationship with our sentient, living planet: a path we have failed to sustain. Our toxic environment and current moral crisis reflect the lost wisdom of the Sophia mythos. I will share here the basic components of this visionary myth, and all credit for my inspiration to tell this story belongs to John Lash. I highly recommend this link where you can read Lash’s eloquent, in-depth version. Lash is walking in Joseph Campbell’s brilliant footprints, reminding us that the clues for our spiritual growth and successful navigation towards our destiny can be found in ancient mythic wisdom.

It all begins within our galaxy at the heart of the galactic core wherein the source of all creation resides as our eternal home. This same creative source is at the center of all existing galaxies within the universe, or potential multiverses connected to one omniverse. We are but one creative expression amidst many creations, and the Sophia mythos is our story within many stories. The significance of the galactic core, known as the Pleroma, lies within its pure, infinite potentiality for light creation to become physical form and matter within the dimension of time and space beyond the Pleroma. The gods and goddesses residing in the core are illuminated and imaginative forces that emanate their creative expressions like seeds into the spiral waves of dark matter surrounding the galactic core; into the dense finite potentiality of the Kenoma wherein constant and chaotic activity is at work that can affect the seeds of emanation from the Pleroma.

Our human design was the emanation of the goddess Sophia and the god Thelete, who together joyfully danced and dreamed our intended potential into existence as the expressions of their divine imagination. Upon the emanation into the third spiral arm of the galaxy, specifically the molecular cloud of Orion, Sophia and Thelete detached from their design, yet remained sentient and caring observers without intervention. Sophia, acting alone, was passionately drawn to the edge of the Pleroma where she engaged in her own projected dreaming upon the full genius potential of her collaborative design for humanity. Increasingly unable to remain detached, Sophia’s intense longing to become involved with her dream slowly pulled her over the Pleroma’s edge whereupon the fatal moment of her fall occurred. Sophia, the wisdom goddess, plunged out of the galactic core into the Kenoma while producing a torrential plume of organic light that electrified this realm of dark matter. Like a thrown stone into a still lake, her fall sent ripples of unfamiliar energetic light impacting this shadowy realm whereupon bizarre events began to unfold. The goddess’s divine currents began to fracture and split apart while attracting inorganic species, the archons, and a frightening figure with reptilian mutations that seized dominion over the Archon swarm. Sophia’s divine light was now responsible for the unintentional rise of a cosmic, cyborg-like species with a delusional overlord, seeking to parasite off the arrival of this divine energy. The goddess had to do something to ward off her creation of this invasive species, and imparted some of her divine dreaming capacity to the overlord whereupon he was able to mimic the divine design of the heavenly Pleroma; but the artificial design failed to maintain stability. Then an unexpected event occurred in the Orion Nebula where Sophia was guarding her dream seed for humanity: a new star was born from which a planetary system emerged. The Archon overlord and his followers assumed possession of this new solar system as their new inorganic habitat devoid of real life.

Sophia, meanwhile, recognized that she must morph into an organic, sentient planetary body, imbued with her divine awareness and wisdom, in order to provide a habitat for her divine emanation of humanity: she transformed into planet Earth, but unfortunately she was captured into the Archon solar system. The fallen goddess successfully altered her emotions into the physical wonders of the Earth, but she struggled to manage the abundance of life-forms that were emerging upon the planet. Though long separated from her dreaming counterpart, Thelete, he is sent to assist Sophia in organizing the copious biological diversity and allow for the emergence of their collaborative dream: the human species.

Now, eons later, Sophia has revealed the resilience of her life force by which to withstand traumas, extinctions, entrapment, deception and abuse by her dreaming creation: humanity. The Gnostic teachings suggest that humanity’s role and fate are intimately intertwined with Sophia’s final move: to correct her mistaken fall and to realign with the divine light of creation as a planetary body. No other mythos presents us with the opportunity to see ourselves as a divinely imagined species dwelling upon a living, sentient planet full of divine and cosmic wisdom; and whose feminine energy holds a dream for us so close to her heart that her passion would result in a fatal fall by which to morph into the very ground beneath our feet. Our capacity to assist Sophia in her correction involves our correction of our erroneous beliefs, spawned by the artificial and deceptive matrix of the Archons that has led us down a wayward path away from the truth of our divinely inspired design. If we can begin to recognize the wisdom goddess under our feet, upon the breeze, within our oceans and shining in the night sky above, she will feel our choice to love and begin to reveal the true magic and power of her organic light. Together we will burn away the long reign of Archon deception and infection, and restore our alignment to the true divine source of all creation. Sophia can help us see and accept the truth, and we can help her return to her eternal home through our own return to living in harmony with the natural world and its natural, universal and spiritual laws. Our planet is the wisdom goddess Sophia, a divine feminine spirit, waiting for us to show up, to dream with her, and to know at last the secrets of our true potential. Our fate demands that we can feel the pangs of her sorrow for her unintentional and mistaken creation of deception that has become the source of our enslavement for so long. Her gift of the organic light flowing throughout all divine creation is our path to freedom.

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