The Human Awakening to The Lost Myth of Creation


There is much discussion, speculation and even evidence circling the planet today regarding a Great Awakening. Simultaneously, our enduring covert enemy, bent upon domination, control, harm and destruction, is now openly presenting the Great Reset, not only as an alternative to the human awakening, but also as a transhuman solution whose endgame is a permanent human connection to the internet of things. It is time to choose between the Great Awakening and the Great Reset. A regrettable choice might be avoided by simply understanding that those who are offering us a transhuman solution are the very people, past and present, who continuously seek to harm and destroy us, our children, the animals and our beautiful planet. There is a lost myth that can serve us well in these decisive days: not only to know the enemy whom we have been forever fighting in our desire for real freedom, but also to know our true place and purpose on this planet. The human awakening is the great awakening to the lost myth of creation.


What is a myth?

The late Joseph Campbell was a comparative mythologist who brought the wonders of global myths to our attention via his book and TV series on the Power of Myth. He referred to myths as being “the songs of the universe, the music of the spheres.” This lofty attribute was the result of a common thread he found woven throughout almost every cultural myth. This thread speaks of the hero’s journey in which a man or woman departs upon a quest, finds fulfillment in spite of the challenges encountered and returns with hero status. Thus, Campbell states, myths provide clues to our spiritual potential and our life experiences that make us feel fully alive.

Myths are essentially stories passed down through the ages of our human triumphs and failures. The power of myth is alive and well today as the three Abrahamic religions all stemmed from the Biblical myth, while other races maintain their own cultural and ancestral myths. In short, there are many surviving myths from which to choose, but only one myth that was targeted for complete destruction and lost. What does this lost myth say, such that all traces of it and many of the people who lived by it, were eradicated from the face of the Earth?


The Lost Myth

It behooves us to consider what myths dominated the eastern world prior to the three Abrahamic religions and the installation of the Biblical myth. Pagan mysteries and Gnostic mystery schools flourished across Eurasia for thousands of years. At the heart of these mysteries was the lost myth of the wisdom goddess Sophia. No trace of the Sophia myth was left for us to know, until the Nag Hammadi texts were discovered in an Egyptian cave in 1945. We can thank John Lamb Lash for his dedication to study these texts, and decoding this amazing mythic narrative about the Earth and the galaxy in which we live.

According to Lash’s restorative work of the Sophia myth, the center of our galaxy is comprised of pure light energy, and is home to gods and goddesses called Aeons who radiate this pure, divine living light. The galactic core is surrounded by spiral limbs wherein science confirms new planetary systems and stars are constantly appearing and disappearing. It is the Aeons who seed the spiral limbs with living plasma as DNA blueprints by which to generate life. Thus, all the various living species on the Earth have been created by this genetic living plasma.

The divine, genetic blueprint for the human species was designed by two Aeons: Sophia, whose name means wisdom, and Thelete, the intended one. We were designed with extraordinary abilities by which to live and create at brilliant levels. Yet, something was amiss with Sophia and Thelete’s human creation. Despite being designed with genius abilities, the human species managed to either destroy itself or its habitat on nine occasions where it was seeded. This set the stage for an Aeonic anomaly to occur, whereby Sophia plunged from the galactic core in a motherly effort to save her creation. Her fall created a plasmatic torrent of luminosity within the dark mass of matter, resulting in the spontaneous generation of the Archons. Lash confirms that this insect-like generation from a plasmatic force is scientifically known as abiogenesis. This Archon generation was the second cosmic order anomaly.

Sophia, as a high divine Aeon possessing capabilities far beyond a human, morphed into the Earth with the intended accompaniment of a sun and a moon. Located now in the third galactic limb, Sophia creates this organic planetary system in which humanity can thrive and learn to handle their real divine power. To pacify the envious Archons, she gifts them with the ability to imitate and substitute whereby they create their own inorganic planetary system separate from the Earth, sun and moon. But as the living plasma begins to fill the Earth with the divine DNA blueprint for humanity, the Archons become exceedingly envious and violate the boundaries of their own planetary system. The Archons begin to invade the Earth, using their newly acquired abilities of imitation and substitution as a form of mind control. It is the Archon’s endgame to deceive and destroy us, but to this Sophia confirms that we will not only defeat the Archons once and for all, but also that she will come to our aid and correct this Archon problem.


The Human Awakening

To what exactly are we awakening?

Few would argue that there is something very wrong upon our planet. Many people define the problem as a spiritual battle and await their savior. Meanwhile, AI technology and technocracy are moving at chilling speeds to merge the human species with artificial intelligence. I might propose that our great awakening include the recognition that AI is but the substitution and imitation by the Archons for our true, divine, human design endowed with genius and mythic imagination. To believe AI can solve all of our problems and even outsmart us, is to not know our enemy nor ourselves. AI technology, if used properly and in the right hands, can assist us greatly. Yet many today are drowning in virtual reality as technocracy seeks absolute control of the human being in every way possible.

The beauty of the Sophia myth, the lost myth of creation, is that the ground beneath our feet is infused with the living, breathing light of the Aeon Sophia as our female creator. She has made herself accessible to us, and we can interact with her through the time we spend in nature. This earth is no ordinary planet. We have an ally determined to help us succeed this time and attain mastery of the powers she gave us, and our interaction with the planet enables us to understand this lost myth. If we are to defeat the Archons, we must maintain our connection to and care for the natural world of plants, trees, animals, land and sea. The human awakening is the great awakening to our brilliance, our divine design, our genetic genius and our imaginative gifts with which to create the beauty she intended and dreamed for us. We can live in a peaceful world only when we choose to exterminate the deceptive interference of the Archons, and refute complete submission to their artificial intelligence that is a mere substitution for our divine brilliance.

In nature I hear Sophia say, “Love and care for one another and the planet, for love is the power the Archons envy most and for which they have no substitute.”

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