Few can dispute the fact that our climate and its predictable patterns are severely changing. While the global warming camp insists that CO2 levels drive climate, their opposition in the global cooling camp insists that the power of the sun is the main driver of climate. The global warming premise thus points to mankind as the main culprit of increased CO2 levels and greenhouse gases, despite evidence of past high CO2 levels long before the influence of industrialized man. Global cooling advocates do not grant mankind such power to change climate compared to the huge, fiery beast in the sky we call the sun. When we add to this ongoing polarity the influences of weather modification technology, chemtrails and increased electromagnetic frequencies, we face a more complex challenge to understand what is really occurring beyond climate change.

There is no doubt that mankind is guilty of polluting and destroying this beautiful planet. The facts and strewn artifacts speak for themselves: industries and corporations have escaped their irresponsibility for poisoning our air, soils, forests, oceans, animals and humans; our oceans are full of trash, plastic islands and radiation while most of our pure drinking water is now toxic; over 40% of our forests are gone and 30% of our coral reefs are dead; animal species are dying in droves and becoming extinct; our soils are contaminated with pesticides, insecticides and GMOs; our skies are riddled with toxic chemtrails and resources are being exploited to the brink of depletion. Yet, mankind continues daily to engage in over exploitation and utilize the planet as one, big, convenient trashcan. For humanity to think that such actions will not disrupt the fragile balance of the Earth’s ecosystem is willful ignorance. Likewise, the massive increase in electromagnetic frequencies from cell towers, cell phones, computers and Smart technology is altering the natural frequencies of the planet and her people. Let’s not forget the additional AI technologies of HAARP and CERN to further disrupt natural frequencies as well as disturbingly affect our atmosphere and magnetosphere. We will never know the real impact of man’s ignorance until we stop our co-destruction, and allow our planet to regain her balance.

We are adding insult to injury for a planet that has already endured past cataclysms that may have caused her axis to tilt and a shift in her internal core. The Earth has a harmonic resonance of about 7 hertz to which we also resonate for our well-being. Yet new studies reveal this frequency has been erratically climbing to unprecedented levels between 16-31 hertz. If everything is energy, then certainly theses shifts in frequencies are going to have an impact upon all life. The Earth is talking to us with an uptick in floods, storms, earthquakes, volcanoes, high winds and monster tornadoes. Our jet stream has now moved into a crazy pattern pulling moisture from below the equator to fuel storms. The new normal is now climate chaos with snow on the beaches in Greece and upon the sand dunes of the Sahara desert. The global warming camp remains determined to blame mankind for our current crazy weather that will continue to warm as long as CO2 levels remain high; while the global cooling camp is desperately trying to warn us about the imminent coming cold and solar minimum as a result of reduced sun spots and solar flares that indicate our sun is going to sleep for several decades or more. Meanwhile, others with fixed eyes to the skies suggest something in the cosmos is perturbing all the planets in our solar system, like an incoming brown dwarf planet.

Since we live in a holographic universe, everything that is happening upon our planet is a mirror for what is happening in the cosmos; and all the activity within the cosmos is a reflection for the activity upon our planet. Thus, if we are creating disharmony, imbalance and toxic conditions upon our planet, we are sending these signals to the cosmos; if the cosmos is entering a state of change, flux and perturbation, then we will experience the same upon the Earth. What is important is that we do not entertain a state of fear, but rather rise in love for the true harmonious nature of the universe; and trust in a divine purpose for all that we do not understand. It may well be that Mother Earth is attempting to use climate change to wake us up from the long reign of deception upon our planet and throughout the cosmos; and she needs the cosmic changes to free us from captivity. Some scientists speculate our solar system is moving into a new area of space where the frequencies are greatly increased. Whatever the case may be, it is time to listen to the Earth and trust in her divine plan for us beyond our current climate change and chaos.