Artists are considered by some as visionaries of the future. The doors to the imagination open for artists who venture there, and discover a realm that is beyond space and time as we know it. Some people are born with the gift of imagination, and in some people, depending on left or right brain dominance, the gift of imagination unfolds gradually. Yet still for others, an experience is needed to open the door to the imaginary realms. We are all gifted with imagination as children, but our current left brain dominant society suppresses this natural gift. In 2001, I traveled throughout Peru with an Inca shaman who rekindled my imagination, and opened the door to visionary art for me. I reawakened to the gifts of the right brain, and reconnected to my own sacred feminine. Ultimately, this reconnection resulted in paintings of women, and my desire to honor divine women in my art. It is visionary art in that these visions come from within. They are visions of a future wherein the divine feminine returns to nourish and balance the imbalance of the patriarch.