We are living in a fast-paced, modern era wherein technology is unfolding faster than we can wrap our heads around it, and information overload is now the new normal. We are processing more bits of information in one day compared to our ancestors only one hundred years ago for whom the same data would have taken perhaps a full year. Time often feels like a runaway train to which we will never catch up. What might we be sacrificing as we move through time now at Mach speed? While there are numerous benefits to love about our new Jetson technologies, its complex demands are simultaneously revealing the necessity for more simplicity. Our daily worship at the technological altar of artificial intelligence is usurping our human need for communion with the divine mind.

The concept of divinity for many is relegated solely to the institutional realm of religion, and all that is godlike and perfect. Yet beyond religious boundaries, our daily lives are steeped within divinity when our life experiences become blissful, rapturous, mystical, sacred, spiritual and splendid. When this occurs, whether wittingly or unwittingly, we are in communion with the divine mind. While some may be inclined to attribute such experiences with religious connotations, the true nature of the entire universe and our living planet are rooted within a divine disposition that creates harmony: the meeting of the human mind with the divine mind. Our human role is to work in cooperation with the divine intelligence so as to co-create harmonious order upon our planet and within the cosmos. We are the temple through which the creative and divine source expresses itself. Our holographic universe demands the axiom “as above so below”.

Our communion with the divine mind is our alignment, affinity and agreement with the divine spark which permeates all living creatures; and thus it is also our awakening to the planetary mind. It is the grounding principle that guides us towards the very essence of natural, universal and spiritual law: to cause no harm. How and why then has humanity embarked upon an evolutionary path that is saturated with deliberate violations to cause harm? While the natural law of Polarity states that all energy has an opposite force, why are we not seeking reconciliation rather than giving credence to erroneous man made laws that result in chaos, not harmony? Divine energy is the highest frequency available to us with which to strengthen the power of our minds; and thereby recognize our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies as evolving frequencies moving toward the source of all creation. Evidence abounds suggesting that prayer and meditation can change the world. The 1978 event known as the “Maharishi Effect” included 7000 people whom meditated together at specific times for a 3 week period outside various cities. The collective transformation within the cities included a 16% reduction in violence, crime, suicides, accidents and terrorist activities during the group meditation time periods. Science now recognizes this phenomenon as the “Field Effect”, the field of infinite consciousness inherent to all creation and which permeates all life, above and below. Further, physics has confirmed through String Theory that everything at the sub-atomic level is mysteriously vibrating at different dimensional frequencies.

We therefore exist within a multidimensional universe wherein we can choose to align ourselves with either a higher or lower vibratory consciousness. Since we are all connected via consciousness, and the 3D material realm is co-created by our collective consciousness, then the power to change the world lies within the aggregate’s intentional and focused consciousness to do so. Our communion with the higher vibration of the divine mind is a way of being and living, not an occasional rapport. It requires that we take time-out from all of our technological distractions to just be. The relentless pace of our modern lifestyles compels us to always be doing something, when doing nothing affords us the pause that refreshes our communion with the divine consciousness connecting all life. We must trade our time spent at the AI altar of technology for time spent in the organic sanctuary of nature. For the divine mind is infused throughout every stone, flower, bird, bee and drop of water; and every grain of sand can teach us about the wisdom in the ground beneath our feet and in the stars above. The planetary mind is our mirror in which to see our own divinity. Peace on the Earth will come when we individually and collectively raise our consciousness to meet the divine mind, and dwell there. For there is everywhere and includes everyone.