Life on our beautiful blue star planet is full of invisible mystery. Both in our waking and sleeping states, we are consciously or unconsciously witnessing and experiencing the cosmic forces at work that support the Earth and her inhabitants. We can thank both science and spirituality for their curiosity-driven focus to help us understand the world in which we live. As the gap between science and spirituality closes, we are poised to gain even deeper knowledge as these two world views blend into esoteric science that offers us a revitalized revelation of the spiritual intent innate to all life. Spiritual science reveals the mysteries of spirit behind the factual evidence that science of its own accord attempts to prove. It is likely, and even necessary, that the evolution of scientific discoveries will include the retrieval of the lost spiritual knowledge regarding the ever-present streaming flow of cosmic forces designed to nourish both our planer and her people.

String Theory is one those great scientific discoveries that uncovers the spiritual mysteries at work on the sub-atomic level where small, string-like particles are vibrating in a fluid and unpredictable manner. Thus, at the core of all matter and form is a vibratory essence that poses challenges for mathematical equations and explanations. The proven evidence of these energetic vibrations opens a dimensional door into realms that can be understood by way of spirit, and requires a journey within to experience and know these multi-dimensions. String theory scientists state that these sub-atomic vibrational strings suggest the existence of at least ten dimensions: an observance that now affirms the dimensional realms of spirituality. Barbara Hand Clow, in her book the Alchemy Of The Nine Dimensions, goes into great depth about these remarkable dimensional realms. She affirms this is a lost wisdom and awareness that humanity must retrieve if we are going to evolve beyond our current mental entrapment in the third dimension. Our present chaotic and separate mentalities are preventing our shift into a unified, collective consciousness that can carry us into the higher fifth dimensional realm where our souls can flourish within the harmonious connection to the source of creation. While Clow states that humanity already possesses the ability to travel along this multidimensional highway, we have to consciously tap into the cosmic forces flowing into both our bodies and our planet. While our physical bodies and being are at home with the Earth, our etheric bodies and souls are at home with the spirit; the true home of our spiritual being is the cosmos. The cosmic forces are like a great river with a constant streaming flow of energy that brings nourishment to our spirits, our bodies and our planet. At night when we are sleeping, the Earth imparts to us the wisdom of the cosmos forces she has received, and we receive these gifts as spiritual impulses with which to integrate into our awakened daily lives. The more open we are to the reception of these forces, the more our daily experiences will reflect our shift to the higher vibrational dimensions. As humanity’s vibratory essence begins to align with cosmic wisdom, the Earth’s energetic frequencies will also shift in support of our increased evolutionary awareness. It is a cooperative and intimate design in which the cosmic forces support the Earth while she in turn supports us, and together we evolve into the vibrations of the higher cosmic dimensions.

The cosmic forces reside within the invisible morphic field where all the possibilities for evolutionary energy and vibration exist. The tiny vibrational strings at the sub-atomic level of all form are waiting to be intentionally directed by the morphic resonance of the life forms themselves. It is the quality of our thoughts, words, feelings and actions that determines the quality of our life experience as either one of beauty and order, or suffering and chaos. As humans, we are akin to the plants, animals, soil and water that depend upon the eternal streaming flow of cosmic energies by which to be nurtured and display a finesse for order and beauty. All planetary life forms utilize the energies of the sun, moon and planets in our solar system for their sustained growth. The invisible realm of nature spirits resides in the second dimension where they reliably impart cosmic wisdom for the growth of all plants and trees, the surviving role of animals and the health of soil and water. The nature spirits of the air, the sylphs, tell all the plants and trees when conditions are safe and favorable for their growth while the nature spirits of the soil, the gnomes, move about the Earth imparting cosmic forces to enrich the soil and strengthen roots. The Earth has many unseen helpers by which she maintains the cosmic energies for her growth, balance and beauty. Likewise, as earthlings, we were designed as receivers and transmitters of cosmic wisdom by which to become caretakers and co-creators living in harmonious connection with the nature spirits. Our failure to do so is resulting in the extinction of animals and plants, the poisoning of our soils and water and the threat of our own survival.

The reign of evil upon our planet is marked by the rejected reception for the beneficial and nurturing stream of cosmic forces. We can no longer deny our role as spiritual beings having a human experience that is meant to be awakened, nurtured and guided by the cosmic energies flowing into our earthly form and into our Earth. Our planet provides us with a natural world in which nature is our teacher for cosmic truth and knowledge; and natural law provides us with the guiding principles by which to live and steer our destiny towards the manifestation of truth, freedom and order. Our ignorance within the supportive flow of cosmic wisdom sustaining all life upon the planet Earth will jeopardize our intended evolution along the magnificent, multidimensional highway, and keep us trapped in a mentally manipulative dimension. We must begin to walk with the Earth back home, and return to the life-giving stream of cosmic wisdom by which to thrive in harmony with our planet.