Our ever-changing and wondrous planet is steeped in mystery. How the Earth was created has been and continues to be the topic of great debates, dividing scientific and religious dogmas along with scholars, philosophers and the every day person experiencing this mystery ride. While often overlooked, the realm of mythology offers valuable clues found in past, richly-detailed stories and legends by those living closely to and intimately with the Earth. Thus, the observable and experiential knowledge of the natural world provides evidence for a living force within the planet and all creation. It is this dreaming power belonging to the spirit of the Earth that reveals and reflects our human capacity to dream and to create. Our desired destiny for true freedom and beauty is woven into the dreaming power of the Earth’s creation, and whereby, through our dreaming within her dream, our true source and life force is revealed.

While science and religion remain polarized between random creation and God creation, the sentient and feminine spirit of the Earth is dynamically engaged at every moment in her animated creativity. She provides a continuous spectacle of passionate animation to witness in the natural world around us. From the extraordinary sight of bird murmurations, the blaze of colors in the garden and at sunset, the display of gratitude by rescued animals and the endless discovery of new fauna and flora species, Mother Earth proves herself to be a diligent and blithe creator. The revelation of this sparkling animation is the undeniable presence of a vital, breathing, feeling life force infusing all creation, and whose organic light sustains these divine mysteries. A direct experience with the planetary Mother’s light was at the heart of ancient mystery schools, which successfully flourished in harmony with nature for thousands of years.

The organic light of the Earth is the cosmic, divine light that imbues the earthly, material realm with divinity. To see and know this light is to recognize the sacred in all life, and which inspires us to live as co-creators rather than co-destroyers. The Earth’s creation is born through the divine Mother’s dreaming power, and all life upon the planet is sustained by her emanation of divine light. As part of the Earth’s creation, humanity is endowed with the power to dream and imagine, and we are nourished by the flow of her divine light and wisdom. Our acts of creation originate from the Mother’s dreaming power, and our dreams come true through this connection to our true source. For we are but dreamers within her dream for us.

The living natural world affirms a cosmic ecology in which all of nature, including the human animal, are in relationship to the cosmos. The sun, moon and stars are a vital part of the Earth’s dream, and we humans naturally dream of dancing with the stars. The spiral symbol reflects our true earthly and cosmic dance: an open-ended circle with no beginning and no end. The Mother Earth’s dreaming power is a divine, cosmic force that she emanates into all living things upon the planet. Our highest purpose is to see the sacred in all things, to imagine and dream in harmony with the dreaming power of the planetary Mother. She is the dream weaver and the eternal caretaker of our dreams, for our dreams belong to her. When we begin to really dream, and sync our dreams with her dream for us, peace will return to the Earth and all our dreams can and will come true.