Cosmic consciousness is our awareness of the cosmic forces at work in our earthly domain. While the term may come with some New Age connotations suggesting an out there, spacey and ungrounded mentality, cosmic consciousness is in fact deeply rooted in our connection to the Earth. For our planet and all her creatures, including humans, are cosmic creations. The natural laws of creation are the guiding principles governing all life. We are star seeds upon a beautiful blue star. Our capacity to care for this star requires our cosmic awareness and understanding; and above all, our ability to sense cosmic forces and to feel the cosmos. Our multidimensional, vibrational universe supersedes the limitations of the rational and logical mind. Our journey into feeling cosmic consciousness will expand our truth and knowledge of the world in which we live, and open the door to the Infinite.

Science and spirituality are now converging at the confluence where earthly and cosmic rivers meet. The mysterious “field” provides evidence for our interconnection to all life, and can no longer separate the material world from the realm of spirit. Spiritual science is the perspective needed to grasp the vibrational flow of creation in which multi-dimensions exist at different frequency levels. We are designed as energy beings with the capacity to travel the multidimensional highway, and to accumulate the wisdom we need for our earthly experiences. Our entire universe is rooted in our harmonious alignment with nature’s wisdom.

Our journey begins with the Earth as a living, breathing, conscious and intelligent entity steeped in cosmic wisdom, which she imparts to us at night in our sleep. She is not just a pile of rocks devoid of feeling and purpose. The inner well of our planet in 1D is intimately connected to cosmic forces, and to our vibrational essence in response to her frequencies. We are accompanied by the 2D realm of nature spirits that impart cosmic wisdom to the waters, soils, plants and trees for their beneficial health and favorable growth. Our cooperation with these unseen spirits will assure nature’s abundance for us to thrive. Our propensity for poisoning our environment is much to our detriment with the loss of this magical assistance. Our 3D existence in linear time and space has been challenged by our lack of awareness for these invisible cosmic forces at work in the world. Our lack of reverence for the fragile balance between earthly and cosmic energies is creating unnecessary suffering for our planet and her inhabitants while increasing our fear of planetary forces. Yet all the knowledge we need is being mirrored to us every moment by the natural world.

Our evolutionary progress is currently stuck between our 3D rarity and the 4D realm of the collective mind and emotions. We are filling 4D with fearful thoughts, feelings and archetypes that are blocking our entrance into the 5D realm of loving communion with the divine and all sentient life. We hold the power to open the gate within the knowledge that our thoughts and feelings create our reality. The vibrational universe responds to the collective consciousness radiating from the 4D canopy at the top of the tree of life. We must fill the canopy with love; for trees, like us, are nurtured by the cosmic forces streaming from above and from the earthly forces in which they are firmly planted. The tree canopies are like antennas that send our 4D collective signals into the cosmos, and the cosmos responds with a matching vibration. If it is love we want in the world, then it is loving thoughts and feelings we must send to the universe on the wings of cosmic consciousness, not unconsciousness.

Our power in 3D is our ability to consciously co-create whatever we want. All of our manifestations within the 3D material world are intended for the synergistic well-being of our body, mind, emotions and spirit. All matter takes its sacred form and shape in 6D from the light, sound and music flowing from 7D that sings and shines us and all life into existence. We are harmonized into being, and creating harmony is our true nature. We can heal our fearful thoughts and feelings through our re-connection with the divine mind in 8D: the source of all light creation. The divine mind infuses earthly and cosmic wisdom with this organic light of creation, and our wisdom depends upon allowing this light into our being. Our ability to know and feel this illumination will grant us the cosmic consciousness by which to live in harmonic resonance with the Earth and the entire cosmos. To feel the cosmos is to feel eternity.