The Guiding Principles Of Natural Law

Natural law is a gift from the source of creation. All creation is governed by the innate guiding principles of natural law designed to help us understand the world in which we live, and to live harmoniously and successfully upon the Earth. Natural laws are not limited to the natural world, but rather the wisdom we find in nature unlocks the secrets to the universe and the unseen realms. Thus, natural laws are also universal and spiritual laws; they are the laws of creation. Nature’s wisdom reveals the cosmic and vibratory forces flowing throughout all of creation with a harmonic resonance, and to which we must align and attune in order to find our creative fit upon our planet. We do not live upon a pile of rocks subjected to haphazard and meaningless events; rather we are here to become conscious co-creators in harmonious cooperation with the sentient, cosmic intelligence of a living planet. Natural laws are dynamic, fluid and immutable; man made laws are limited, fixed and mutable. We cannot override the power of natural law with mere mental constructs within man made law that attempts to define and control our existence. We are energy beings governed by the laws of a vibratory universe; we are spiritual beings governed by the mysteries of spiritual law; and we are Earthlings governed by the guiding principles of natural law. Our willingness to embrace the truth and knowledge of these natural principles will insure our return to living harmoniously with nature, the cosmos and one another.

The Guiding Principles of Natural Law

The Principle of Gender

The Law of Gender validates both the masculine and feminine principles in everything. In the human mind, the masculine aspect dominates the left side of the brain marked by intellect, logic, rational linear thinking: the feminine aspect rules intuition, creativity, compassion and holistic thinking in the right side of the brain. Our conscious thought process must be rooted in the sacred union of both the masculine and feminine principles if we expect to manifest a world of balance and harmony.

The Principle of Mentalism

The Law of Mentalism states that the universe is mind, and all manifestation of events and things is the result of thought. Every thought we have sets into motion the sequence that ultimately creates our life experience; thus, we are accountable for what we both think and create. We could also refer to mentalism as the Law of Deliberate Intent for our thoughts are the deliberate intentions of what we desire to create. It is vital that we take time to examine our thoughts, and correct erroneous, conditioned beliefs that no longer support the experience for which we are longing.

The Principle of Vibration

The Law of Vibration affirms that everything is energy in motion and vibrating at various frequencies. Nothing truly rests; even solid matter is vibrational energy at the subatomic level. The natural world consistently mirrors to us the shifts in frequency to which our genetic design is sensing and responding. We are at every moment receiving frequency signals from our environment, and transmitting the vibration of those messages back out into our immediate world and the universe. Our quest to create a better world directly corresponds to the quality of our thoughts that determine the nature of our vibratory essence.

The Principle of Rhythm

The Law of Rhythm attests to the eternal flow of the tides, moving in and out, back and forth, in counterbalancing measure. This is our natural rhythm: to be in vibrational alignment with the flow of creation as it moves towards the confluence between the rivers of good and evil. It is our consistent allowance to trust in the heartbeat of creation as the flawless tempo by which to dance our way through life.

The Principle of Correspondence

The Law of Correspondence confirms that we live in a holographic universe wherein the totality of the macrocosm is the mirror reflection for all the individual parts in the smaller microcosm. We are each a fragment contributing to the whole. As above, so below: as within, so without. Everything we see happening in our world, is happening above in the cosmos. Everything happening in the cosmos is taking place on our planet. All that is occurring in the aggregate is occurring within the individual. All that is at work within the individual is at work within the aggregate. The disharmony we see on our planet is a match for the conflict within our minds and souls.

The Principle of Polarity

The Law of Polarity upholds the dual nature of the universe. Everything is paired with an identical opposite that varies in scope and intensity while intense opposites tend to converge. This law of polarized opposites allows for an anomaly to be harmoniously reconciled; this is the descent of grace to reconcile our human mistakes and evil’s presence. The enigma within polarity is to not choose sides but to remain polarized, and go with the flow towards its natural inclination for a harmonic convergence. The danger lies in the long-term fixation of polarized opposition that fails to converge whereupon they become extreme dual forces engaged in a futile and tiresome battle to predominate.

The Principle of Cause and Effect

The Law of Cause and Effect presides over all the root causes that result in manifested realities. The plane of effects is our physical world wherein we witness the plane of causality from our mental world. There is no power to affect change upon the plane of effects for the effect has already occurred and cannot be undone. This is the plane for our entrapment and remaining stuck in an unconscious ignorance for how we got where we are. Only when we shift our awareness to the causal plane, and begin to ask why, will we recognize our accountability for the causal factors that have effectively contributed to our current condition. Our power to create change is solely rooted in the plane of causality wherein we can change our thoughts by which to manifest new realities. Some refer to this law as the Law of Karma: for every thought there is an action and for every action there is a manifestation. Good thoughts manifest good things; bad thoughts manifest bad things. What goes around comes around. If what comes around is not to our liking, there is nothing we can do to change it except to start planting new seeds for a better garden. Humanity’s capacity to become effective co-creators of a shared reality begins with the quality of the thoughts we plant consciously; not in trying to harvest change from our current neglected garden full of weeds. The Law of Attraction requires that we become the master gardeners before we can manifest the garden of our dreams.

The Lost Generative Principle

The Lost Generative Principle is the driving force of care by which to generate our life experience. To generate is to create, and to create is to care about our every thought, word, feeling and action that become the will behind what gets created in our world. It is not enough to talk about the change we want to see in the world. We have to care enough to change it through taking action to do our part, no matter how big or small.

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