As I bask in the morning sunlight while sitting on the edge of our farm garden and sipping coffee, I feel myself drift into a contemplative stillness as I witness nature’s majestic order and beauty. It is an infusion of lost sacred wisdom and healing. The morning dew highlights all the orchard trees and flowering shrubs with sparkling radiance, as the songs of summer birds alert the garden to drink this nourishing, moist nectar. A multitude of diverse birds, bees, butterflies and dragonflies are zipping, swirling and buzzing throughout this melodic wonderland. The sounds and smells belong to nature, devoid of man’s interference, until a distant plane spewing chemtrails across the cloud-studded sky jolts my tranquility back into the turbulence of mankind’s wounded ways. The garden symphony sings the healing secrets of our lost sacred wisdom, as we mistakenly trade our harmonious alignment with this natural order for the disharmony of man made chaos.

The Earth is our school in which to develop our souls and to retrieve our divinity; and nature is our greatest teacher. It is through her divine and cosmic wisdom that we come to know time as rhythmic cycles and space as infinite frequencies. Our eternal evolution is marked by our internal involution: our willingness to receive higher wisdom with which to transmit into the world. For all that we take with us when we depart this realm is but the quality of our consciousness. Thus, the restoration of our lost moral compass rests within the inner revolution to restore our lost wisdom and understanding of the sacred that dwells at the heart of everything.

Every moment presents the choice to co-create or co-destroy. We either choose to be still and breathe in the Earth’s divine vibration, or be stressed and suffocate under the deception of our lower shadow vibrations. For our shadows are the illusions that blind us to the sacred in everything, especially ourselves. Our evolution demands that we travel this illusory road, which leads to the higher frequencies hidden within the shadows of our genetic blueprint. The shadows are DNA codes waiting to be unlocked and activated so that we can turn all of our lights on and burn bright in sacred awareness. It is a golden path with no room for the fear, confusion and chaos that keeps us trapped in the illusory matrix of suffering. Our sovereign freedom is fueled by the divine sparks planted within us like seeds, full of blooming potential. We are the garden.

The healing of our last sacred wisdom is rooted in our connection to the lost wisdom goddess herself, Sophia, the Earth. It is her intelligence that gifts us with the principles of natural, universal and spiritual laws to guide us along the golden path to cause no harm. When we detour from this sunlit trail and choose to cause harm, we violate the very laws designed to keep us safe and to protect all that is sacred. We give our power away to those devoid of this wisdom, and trade our peace for suffering. Our human capacity to heal lost sacred truth and knowledge is concealed within the shadows of our suffering, and their projections into the world create the mirror in which to see the wounds we carry inside. As we begin to heal individually, we ignite the healing fire for the collective to burn away our fearful illusions, and leave only love to rise from the ashes. For it is the healing power of love that has been planted within our divine genetic seeds, waiting to bloom where we are planted. The garden is the reflection for our co-creative choice to manifest love, beauty and order from the sacred light within, and in which our alignment with the organic light radiating from the Earth becomes the participatory force by which to not only recover lost sacred wisdom, but also by which to heal the suffering in darkness with the purity of light.