For thousands of years, mankind has sought to steamroll along the capacious highway of progress towards advanced technologies while simultaneously abandoning our innate capacity for living in harmony with natural law. The ever-increasing complexity of our modern lifestyles demands the continuous rise of more man made laws by which to seemingly maintain order over chaos. Yet, our evolutionary progress now presents us with bewildered challenges as the chaos of the human condition and the natural world increase while the artifacts of forsaking nature’s wisdom lay strewn all around us. Mankind has not been so kind to its life-giving planet nor to one another. It behooves us to reconsider our erroneous calculations whereby our true alignment with the harmonious nature of the universe can at last come to fruition.

As explained in previous posts, the natural laws of creation were designed for our successful navigation through this third dimensional experience, and by which to become cooperative and co-creative stewards living in harmony with the natural world. How, then, did we deviate so far away from our intended purpose? The Natural Law of Polarity states that all energy has an opposing force, and thus the force of goodness is vulnerable to its opposing force of evil. Our capacity to sustain goodness requires great discernment and diligence to reconcile evil before it manifests as an extreme duality whereby the possibility for reconciliation diminishes. It is clear that manifested evil has secured its presence upon our planet and within the universe: as above, so below. It is imperative we recognize that all of our earthly challenges are rooted within the greater battle between these opposing forces of good and evil. The reconciliation of evil demands that we meet it with the greater force of our divine goodness.

The true spiritual nature of the universe is harmony. If we fail to understand that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience, our lives will reflect the struggle to align with this harmonic resonance. The guiding principles of natural law grant us the wisdom as to how the laws of the universe work. Our free will choice to align with the laws governing the universe will reveal the intention of our divine purpose by which to live harmoniously with all life. Our choice is to become the co-creative force of love, and not succumb to the co-destructive opposition of fear. Fear is the root of our entrapment into ignorance, confusion and chaos; only love can manifest the truth and knowledge of our sovereign freedom by which to create beauty and order in the world. Manifested evil utilizes the vibration of fear to maintain its domination and control. We cannot underestimate the power of love to strengthen the higher vibrations of light embedded within our genetic design, which the lower vibrations of darkness desire to weaken through fear and trauma. Our divine sparks were created to burn bright by which to reconcile and overcome the forces of darkness.

Living in harmony with natural law is our divine birthright: experiencing disharmony within man made laws is our human enslavement. Man made laws must integrate with natural laws if we are to sustain our sovereignty and freedom as spiritual, whole beings. Our soul development is dependent upon our ability to evolve and flourish as free human beings. In spite of man made laws, we alone are accountable for our thoughts, words, feelings and actions either being in harmony with or in violation of natural law. The unconditional premise of natural law is to cause no harm: we are in violation of natural law when we cause harm. Harmonious freedom is found within the strength of our own moral compass in contrast to the limitations of man made laws that incite fear and punishment.

The natural laws of creation govern both the earthly and cosmic domains whereby our harmonious alignment with the flow of creation grants us both earthly and cosmic wisdom. The truth and knowledge revealed within natural law creates the divine pathway that will lead us out of our enslaved condition, and through the gate into the higher dimensions wherein our spiritual essence can permeate the limitations of the material world. Our potential for living in harmonious balance with natural law, with nature and one another is planted in the soil beneath our feet and in the stars above. We are the cosmic co-creators of our earthly destiny.