Annie Horkan

The Perils Of Planetary Dominance

Trees are poems that the Earth writes upon the sky.

Kahlil Gibran

Humanity is intended to live and thrive in harmonious alignment with our planetary Mother, and yet, we have wittingly and unwittingly chosen the mindset of planetary dominance. Runaway, exploitative greed on the part of governments, corporations and industries has reduced our planet to a convenient trash can, and stolen the pristine beauty of the natural environment. Perhaps the religious dogma affirming man’s dominion over the Earth contributes to the compelling creed of man’s supremacy, and to the erroneous perception of our planet as a mere pile of rocks with nothing to teach us. So long as mankind maintains the notion of his superior status over the natural world, we will remain vulnerable to the perils of planetary dominance.

Our human ancestors were unquestionably forced to exert their power over the natural world as a means of survival against harsh elements and wild animal predators. Prior to the existence of religion, government and industry, early man was naturally enrolled in the Earth school wherein his days were filled with foraging for edible and medicinal plants, studying the migratory patterns of animals and seasonal changes while observing the planets cycling through the night sky. Modern man is the descendant of a predecessor whose survival and evolution was completely dependent upon the bounty and the spirit of the Earth. While we now live in comfortable, protective homes free from the dangers of wild roaming animals, we still rely upon the generous spirit of the Earth for our modern survival.

Our modern day trend for earth dominance and greed threatens the lives of all the plants and animals to the point of extinction. We have successfully destroyed about 70 percent of all the world’s forests resulting in the loss of 50,000 animal species every year, while 20 percent of all plants face extinction and a staggering 90 percent of all medicinal plants are now permanently gone. We ignorantly and selfishly kill exotic wild animals for sport, and steal animals from their wild homes for our entertainment. We crowd chickens, cattle, pigs, sheep, rabbits, birds and more into inhumane living conditions and brutally slaughter them. It should come as no surprise to humanity that the spirit of the Mother Earth will not tolerate our heartless behavior. We will either destroy every last bee with toxic chemicals, and thus prevent the vital pollination to sustain our food production, or Mother Earth will take charge and send us back to the Stone Age via volcanoes, earthquakes, colder climates, crop losses and geomagnetic storms that can take down the grid. As I have mentioned before, there will be no way forward for humanity until we acknowledge the Earth’s divine spirit, and commit to living in harmony with all the life and living creatures of her creation.

We can overcome the perils of planetary dominance by finding our true creative fit upon the Earth, and mastering our purpose as spiritual stewards of this blue star we call home. The plants long to share their many secrets with us, the eyes of animals seek our desire to speak their language and forget not the words of The Prophet that the Earth delights to feel your bare feet and the winds long to play with your hair. Not only have we yet to show the Earth mother the best we can be, but she long awaits our maturity to reveal the true wonder of her divine power. It is a magic show we do not want to miss.

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