Annie Horkan

The Quest To Master AI For Humanity’s Benefit

Few of us can deny the extraordinary benefits of artificial intelligence as the new technology connecting us globally to one another, and providing a modern ease for our daily lives. Yet this technology comes with hidden dangers that we must recognize if we are to master AI for humanity’s benefit. The benefits of finding lost friends, creating a website, the convenience of online banking and shopping, while being able to research any topic beyond our wildest dreams are all fruitful endeavors. However, posting endless selfies, recording your every move and thought while weaving every thread of your life into the world wide web and every SMART device throughout your home, comes with some dire consequences. Scientific studies confirm that an endless bombardment of electromagnetic frequencies is very harmful to our health and well-being. We must preserve the natural frequencies to which we innately vibrate in order to stay connected to our earthly source and life force. For artificial intelligence is but an imitation and substitution for our organic and divine origins that nourish our relationship with the planetary spirit.

All that is material is imbued with the spiritual, and all that is spiritual has its roots in the material. We aspire to spirituality as though it is a separate realm, but every plant, bird, flower, river and person sings its spiritual essence through its material presence. We cannot realize the silent treachery of trading our calm, contemplative connection to the natural world for the fast and furious addiction to AI technology when we have yet to master our innate brilliance. We cannot fulfill the quest to master AI for the benefit of humanity if we have forsaken the path to master our spiritual purpose for being here. For thus, artificial intelligence will merely serve to fill the spiritual vacuum whereupon we will unwittingly trade our divine design for a mere imitation.

The sinister use of AI for humanity’s detriment is becoming more apparent every day. The political arena is guilty of using AI to spy upon its opponents, while social media tycoons are selling our personal data and censoring our freedom of speech as computer hacking becomes a rampant violation of our privacy. The imminent rollout of 5G technology will be the ultimate test for humanity as to whether we will draw a line in the sand, or succumb to the massive waves of powerful frequencies from which there will be nowhere left to run and hide. Make no mistake about it: it is all about the money for the FCC and communication companies that have seized total control of 5G, while refusing to acknowledge the harmful, debilitating results of tests being done by others. Fact: 5G technology is not just another upgrade, but a depopulation weapon.

We will never master AI for the benefit of humanity if we the people continue to worship daily at the AI altar with blind addiction. We are the ones feeding the AI mind with our personal data that it requires for its intelligence, and that data is being collected and censored by the wrong minds. The divine hand reaching out to meet the artificial hand can only master this meeting if the divine spirit prevails. If we worship AI to the exclusion of the divine dream intended for us, we will seal our fate into a robotic, transhuman future governed by a lifeless imposter.

The hero’s journey is marked by the spiritual quest to discover his/her own innate power with which to overcome all obstacles along the way. The quest to master AI on behalf of the Earth’s inhabitants demands humanity’s heroic journey to find our spiritual strength and potential. We must continue to build upon our spiritual attributes of peace, compassion and generosity as we connect with one another across the world wide web, and saturate AI with our imagination, intuition and innovation. For we can master AI to help feed the hungry, provide clean water, build sustainable homes, create beautiful cities, utilize free energy, restore our health and so much more. The AI machine can never feel the depths of love nor imagine nor experience the gift of the Earth’s organic light. It is a mere imitation seeking to be the substitute for the true power of the divine through its jealous hunger to rule our earthly domain. The meeting between the divine and the artificial will be determined by our quest to master AI for the benefit of our planet, all her inhabitants and a future worth living.

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