The Nine Loves To Save Humanity
nine loves

There is no doubt that we are living in extraordinary times wherein everything seems to be upside down and inside out. Global governments and organizations appear to have gone rogue with the misuse of power, marked by self-indulgent interests over serving the needs of the people. The people’s trust is eroding in this storm as daily doses of deception are being exposed, and we are left to manage, cope with and make sense of these crimes against humanity. Our way out is in, into the maze of our own minds to find the answers and solutions with which to overcome this attack. This inward journey promises to reveal the nine loves of humanity that can both empower and protect us with true power.

These nine loves* are rooted in our core beliefs, and like the web of roots below a mighty tree, we must know the nutrients within our foundation that make us grow strong. The nine loves are like nine soil amendments, with each one adding an essential ingredient that makes us whole and balanced, and thereby protects us from external predation and deception.

The nine loves, courtesy of John Lamb Lash, are: Truth, Freedom, Beauty, Innocence, Pleasure, Learning, Sharing, Power and Mystery.


In a world that propagates truth as lies and lies as truth, it is imperative to honor and defend the truth we know. Truth is the main root beneath the tree; when we doubt truth, we are no longer stable. We, thus, succumb to the confusion of lies and entertain deception. There are many truths to combat the many lies, but only one truth can unite humanity in a shared vision for a better world. This truth is the true narrative for our species that has long been hidden from us, but deep down we know this truth innately. When we rise to defend this truth together, the lies will melt away.


Like truth, freedom must be defended. Our history shows us that freedom is not always free, and we can be forced to fight for its protection. Those regimes and ideologies that believe freedom must be restricted or even banned do so because they have lost their love of freedom, and demand others sacrifice this love as well. Our species was designed to flourish under freedom wherein we find the love to create, celebrate, gather, share, build, learn, invent, explore, discover, imagine and in every way express our divine intelligence. Freedom is a given, and nothing can take it from us unless we allow it.


Beauty reigns. It is the soil amendment that produces fragrant blossoms and the inevitable fruit to feed our body, mind and soul. To create beauty is to sustain one’s love for truth and freedom. We must never betray beauty, for beauty is the divine medicine that cures all deceptive trauma and heals our mistaken path. Beauty warms the heart, and opens the door for us to enter into a divine dream wherein beauty shines forever. Those who destroy beauty also destroy the very essence of their divinity. For beauty can only be seen with the eyes of a divine soul.


A society which fails to defend its children from harm is a people whom have lost their love of innocence. Children radiate divine innocence with which to teach us to see the world with wonder and curiosity. We are but the guardians of the dreams children hold for the future. Innocence is the most tender gift bestowed upon us with which to find the courage to care for all life. To harm the children and the animals is to hinder humanity’s path forward.


True pleasure will escape us without the love of truth and freedom, beauty and innocence flowing through our branches. For then, the promised blossoms will offer nectar to the birds and bees, and the flowers will delight in their offering. Pleasure is both a necessary and joyful exchange, a fleeting gift born on the wings of freedom, yet not a gift we can ever own. Pleasure is a drink of pure spring water to quench our desires, but we are not the well.


The human mind loves to learn. It is the ultimate computer, and though AI deems itself superior, remember, it is all of our tracked and traced data together that makes it so smart! The art of learning is eternal; we are never too young or too old to learn something new. Learning empowers us and breeds confidence to solve life challenges. Everything and everyone is a teacher from which and from whom we can learn; but we stand alone in our learning to know the self which unfolds like the petals of a rose. Every petal is a path we have chosen to learn.


We stand together in sharing what we have learned, and sharing is truly caring. It is in the mirror of others that we see the truth of ourselves and the world in which we live. Sharing what we learn is offering a fragrant petal from the flower of our soul, a gift that aids the blooming of anothers soul. Sharing is the art of generosity, and when we give no matter what, the sweet waters of gratitude wash over us.


There is right use of power and wrong use of power. This is the war being waged. Morally correct power seeks to cause no harm, but it will surely harm in defense of what it loves. Immorally incorrect power always causes harm. The misuse of power arises in the minds of those who have lost their connection to the divine source, and seek false power to become their own gods. This fake, substitute power, bent upon domination and control, is no match for the supernatural power of divine creation. The nine loves are our divine arsenal.


The great mystery of humanity’s true narrative has been lost, and substituted with false narratives by those who seek to play god. We can never know the mystery of our authentic self without the knowledge of our true creators, and which renders us vulnerable to wittingly or unwittingly trade our divine sovereignty for enslavement and salvation. The nine loves are our innate divine tools with which to unravel the mystery of this divine experiment, and find our purpose and place within it. It is simply a matter of our choice to play the nine of hearts card to win the game, in order to bring the pretenders down from their fake thrones.


* I acknowledge my dear friend, John Lamb Lash, for introducing me to the nine loves of humanity.

Here is a link to his video on this topic.

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