My new book, Walk With The Earth, our return to living in harmony with natural law, is now available on Amazon. It took me just over two years to write this book: a labor of love that required my willingness and dedication to journey down the uncomfortable, and even frightening, rabbit holes to confront the truth of the challenges we face in the world. It was unquestionably the heroine’s journey to meet the deceptive dragon and slay it with the sword of truth. The gift that I received to dispel my illusions and fears was worth this confrontation.

During the summer of 2015 while embarking on this mission, I enrolled in an online course with the Pacahmama Alliance designed to awaken the dreamer and to change the dream. One might ask what dream is being referred to here that needs to change? Those of us living in America were granted the American dream over two hundred years ago in which to pursue the lofty ideals of happiness and freedom, and break the chains of enslavement that ruled the world. While I cannot speak for all the people in the world, I do feel their longing to share in this dream. We the people of the Earth are the dreamers who need to awaken to the harsh reality that our dream to be happy and free is under attack by those in power behind the curtain with an alternative agenda. This threat upon the basic human rights of all people demands that we change the dream to work in our favor if we expect to pass the legacy of freedom onto our children and grandchildren.

      The understanding of our current global predicament requires the truth and knowledge of our historical past. This poses a challenge, however, due to the fact that much of our true history has been omitted, altered and hidden to suit a globalist agenda. We are left with the mythical imaginings of our ancestor’s legends by which to interpret and piece together the puzzle of our true past. In short, all that we think we know to be true is probably wrong. What we do know, by means of following the thread throughout the repetitive cycles of history and ancient mythology, is that the force of goodness has long been challenged by its opposing force of evil; and that the opposition has covertly woven its influence and interference into the minds of men. It is akin to an infection that is not only desperately in need of healing, but also whose deceptive presence needs to be reconciled to end the long reign of domination, control and enslavement.

    While much of humanity passively, and even blindly, awaits some form of external redemption, the reconciling force we need has already been seeded within us and the world around us. We carry a divine spark with our genetic design that can only burn bright through our co-creative choice to love and to care for our planet, all life and one another. The guiding principles of natural law governing the universe are embedded in nature’s wisdom; awaiting our recognition, respect and responsibility to harmoniously align with the very laws of creation intended for our successful navigation through life. These immutable principles guarantee the truth and knowledge necessary to sustain our sovereignty and freedom with which to manifest a world of goodness and order. The redemption we seek is from the ignorance of our free will choices, and the erroneous beliefs about the truth of who we are and the world in which we live. Our capacity to unify within our diversity as spiritual beings endowed with earthly and comic wisdom will free us from the deceptive limitations of our time/space matrix, and open the door to the divine experience of a multidimensional and vibratory universe. Our failure to do so will ensure an undesirable, alternative AI future in which we sacrifice the wonder and beauty of the human spirit for a transhuman existence.

          Our harmonious alignment with our divine, sentient and wise planet and her natural laws of creation is the path to restore our humane hearts as conscious co-creators of our own destiny. Our choice to walk with the Earth is our sacred mission, and our chance to take our planet back.