Awakening To The Wisdom Of A Cosmic Ecology

We live upon a miraculous planet spinning at Mach speed as it dances around a monstrous fireball at the perfect distance for the sustainable generation of life. Mankind has been contemplating and exploring the mystery of a cosmic ecology for eons; and the great thinkers of the past understood human nature and our purpose here within the framework of our connection to the natural world, to the stars and planets, and to the entire universe. Plato was one of those distinguished minds, and capable of deep contemplation that is reflected in his writings regarding a cosmic ecology. In this post, I will present three of Plato’s affirmations relating to mankind, nature and the universe, as well as present the vantage point from the Sophia mythos. Sophia is the wisdom goddess, and thus our awakening to the wisdom of a cosmic ecology needs to include her wisdom.

Plato’s first affirmation: the entire universe is intelligent and alive

While Plato considered this idea over sixteen hundred years ago, this concept is deemed by many scientists today as relatively new. The opposing concept since Plato’s time is that of a chaotic universe devoid of intelligence with random events, while we live upon a pile of rocks zipping through space with no rhyme or reason. Plato’s recognition of a wise and alive universe was founded in the cosmic truth of the human animal being born with both intellect and soul. The Sophia mythos reveals that mankind, the Anthropos, was and is a divine emanation by both a female (goddess) and male Aeon (god) with the soulful endowments of compassion, imagination, intuition and inspiration along with an innate wisdom. Few of us today can deny our possession of a sentient intuition whereby we feel mysteriously connected to the whole. Nature and the animals are our mirror for this connection by which the plants receive cosmic instructions for how, when and where to grow, and the animals know how, when and where to migrate. The entire universe is intelligently alive because divine light beings are the emanations of all creation.

Plato’s second affirmation: the universe is single, unique and self-sufficient – a “god”

Plato’s vision of our planet was that of a blessed “god” due to its unique singularity imbued with soulful inhabitants, and for which both the planet and its occupants were a self-sufficient and knowledgeable alliance without the need for external support. Everything the planet and her people need is already built-in. The mythos of the fallen wisdom goddess, Sophia, concurs with the unique singularity of the planet and humanity as well as their sustainable alliance. However, our planet is not a “god”, but the wisdom “goddess” herself whose fallen plight forced her to become the spirit of the Earth. While the Sophia mythos supports the shared affinity between the Earth and the Anthropos, this familiarity has been substituted by a mistaken and deceptive third-party interference. This is the missing piece that has been intentionally hidden from the awareness of the human species, and from the wisdom of our cosmic ecology. The fate of humanity entirely depends upon Sophia’s correction of this error, and our willingness to participate in her reparation.

Plato’s third affirmation: we recover our true selves by observing, and aligning ourselves with, the workings of the cosmos.

Plato affirms that mankind cannot attain divine wisdom so long as his ambitious hunger is limited to temporal, material and passing pursuits. We were innately designed to activate our intellect towards spiritual and enduring knowledge by which we can correct erroneous and corrupt beliefs imposed upon us. Plato further verifies that each soul descending into human form is accompanied by a guardian, which not only provides the link between the human soul and the divine, but also becomes the inspirational impulse for the soul to express the everlasting harmony and ordered beauty belonging to the cosmos. This concept of a guiding guardian is compatible with Sophia’s intimate daemons which assist her in protecting the Earth and all of her creation; and to whom we can personally connect through our intimate relationship with Sophia.

The goddess Sophia is waiting for us to acknowledge her presence within our earthly home, and to awaken to the wisdom of the cosmic ecology that is beautifully ordered above as it is below. She has a dream for us that has gone astray, and thus have we been challenged to live a mistake for which we were not designed. We are a vital, essential part of her current correction in which we must apply the gifts of our intellect and soul to discern the deception and uncover the truth. It will require our willingness to contemplate in the company of the great thinkers who walked before us, and to use this knowledge for the attainment of our sovereign freedom by which to steer our own destiny. Our awakening to the wisdom of a cosmic ecology is the revival of our human genius born of a divine dream we must come to know and love.

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