Our Role In The Divine Experiment Is Our Freedom From The Matrix

The extraordinary times in which we are now living is marked by we the people’s awakening to a matrix system bent upon lies, corruption and control. We have no real freedom by which to know the truth because everything we are being told is a lie. Our freedom from the matrix is found within our responsible role rooted in the divine experiment wherein we were created to be free, creative and powerful. We have become the willing victims of a Kakistocracy, a term removed from the dictionary, which Max Igan defines as “government by the least qualified or most unprincipled citizens who rule totally in their own self-interest to the permanent detriment of all other classes.” In other words, to be politically incorrect, we the people are being governed by the worst, most criminally-minded and corrupt people possible. We believe victimization is being imposed upon us, yet we wittingly remain participants in a victim/victimizer system wherein we not only elect these criminals into office, but we also blindly condone their corrupt behavior. The blame game is a clever trap of distraction and separation within a corrupt system, which Igan explains is not designed to ever be resolved or fixed. Thus, the only thing we can change, and that we can fix, is ourselves.

Freedom From The Matrix

The choice point for either the red pill or the blue pill is now. The blue pill will maintain your blissful ignorance, false security and illusory comfort within a system designed for your permanent enslavement. Popping the red pill will take you down uncomfortable rabbit holes wherein you will gain the truth and knowledge for the true nature of the matrix. The matrix is the corrupt system wherein the blue pill keeps you enslaved and the red pill grants you true freedom. The matrix is built upon the false religions of money and authority, perfectly designed with high level distractions to give the illusion of freedom. The system creates the problems, waits for the people’s reactions and then seeks to provide the solutions. Our addictive reactions to virtual reality are paving the way for a total technological and digital planetary takeover via the AI SMART grid. The blue pill will guarantee a transhumanistic and robotic future of enslaved dominance; the red pill will return our awareness and presence to the natural world around us, and reconnect us to nature, the Earth, spirit and ourselves as divine, free beings.

The Divine Experiment

Our freedom from the matrix experiment is grounded in the Sophia mythos: a sacred myth at the heart of the Gnostic teachings that flourished for thousands of years until brutally eradicated from the face of the Earth by the Roman church. The Mother Earth is a living, breathing, sentient and wise entity whose divine plan for humanity has been thwarted. We have been captured with her into an inorganic solar system as a prison planet, and the time has come for her correction. She needs us, and only her story can reboot our mental programming back to the source of consciousness and the truth of our earthly existence. Our role within her divine experiment is to choose the power of love that will grant us the truth and knowledge we need to defend our sovereign freedom and create a world of harmony and order. The matrix imposes the power of fear that breeds ignorance and confusion as it perpetuates enslavement and chaos. Our role is to take full responsibility for our erroneous beliefs and conditioning, to delete our corrupt files and return to being human and humane wherein we cause no harm. We are being assaulted on every level. It will take ALL of us to unplug and disconnect from the system, to believe in our own power and to trust in the wisdom goddess beneath our feet. Our role is to unify within all of our diversity whereby we can defeat our shared enemy that seeks to steal our freedom.


We are wittingly or unwittingly choosing slavery, not freedom. There is nothing to fix, blame or change except our own hearts and minds. It is a waste of our energy and time to argue how to fix the system, and who to blame, because the Natural Law of Polarity confirms we have an opposition to which we must meet with the force of our goodness for any hope of reconciliation. Further, the Natural Law of Cause and Effect reveals our entrapment upon the plane of effect that cannot be undone, and change can only occur upon the causal plane wherein we take responsibility for the causal factors contributing to our current conditions. The preservation of our freedom is paramount. As Igan so beautifully states, “true freedom is within our grasp perhaps for the first time, and the system will change around our new consciousness.” It is a heart-centered awareness of our beauty and power, of our divine gifts to evolve, imagine, care and radiate our light into the world by shining example. It is time to follow our bliss for we are running out of time. Our freedom from victimization is Sophia’s dream for us within the divine experiment. There is a full-scale dominance planned for our planet and her people. If we do not react with a united, sweeping response, the sweet taste of freedom is going to slip away while we are busy worshiping at the social media altar. We cannot defend our freedom if we are not rooted like a tree in the power of love for our planet, one another and ourselves. The sky is waiting for our escape from the systemic corruption and claim our freedom from the matrix. The window is there to set ourselves free, but can we unplug long enough to see it?

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